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This is an absolutely adorable idea, goodonya!

As an autistic ... this is so well made. I'll definetly consider this as an interactive tool to help those around me understand me a bit better. Can't wait to show other neurodivergent folk this nice little experience.

Now, for the nitty-gritty:

Game ran very smoothly, without complication. The graphics are simple and not overwhelming, yet portray what they should. The 'soup' concept is a good metaphor for the varying compositions of each Autistic's perception and life. 

Very well done :D

Thanks for the speedy response! It does, indeed, work with the original release :)

How would one go about downloading/running the older version? Thanks in advance :)

I think that is one point everyone can agree on.

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Absolutely amazing in every aspect. Runs smoothly, looks polished and adorable, game mechanics are fun and the story incredibly compelling. 

TL:DR A sure-fire five star review :D

Edit: I also laughed at MB's portrayal as a Get Rich Quick scheme boss. Hit the nail on the head with the lingo, the little texting emotes and his attitude.