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Cool! Keep being awesome, guys! ^-^

Hey guys...I just wanted to ask if there is any indicator on what page you are currently in, when saving the game, or not. 'Cause I might just not have noticed it. If there isn't, well I'd like to suggest it. ^-^

Well, thanks! That just means I get to have lots of time playing this over and over again lol

Aaand did I mention the art style? No? 'Cause damn that was just...well...stunning! Thank you for bringing me into this world.

How dare you guys! Right off the bat you get me attached to this guard character and then break my heart and soul into a million pieces a few seconds later.

Honestly though, this is one of the first games I played here in itch...look at me now! Having an account and posting opinions that the void don't really care about. At first, I was confused on what the hell I was supposed to be doing. It's a good thing, really. I was lost because this game was so different so unique. I've never played a game quite like it.

The MC, for once, isn't the one who has actual royal blood 'destined-to-rule' and all that. The MC's character actually have depth that a lot of these types of games lack.

Then there was the thing where you plan the three's scheds which builds up their powers and stuff. First game I played  that didn't make that boring. 

There was also the map stuff where you choose which ones to help. I've never played any game that had that. I literally stared at the screen for a couple of minutes before I...hesitantly...clicked anything. 

I loved the potions stuff too. Like, a lot of games, you only see the consequences of your actions as you are nearing the end but with this, you can clearly see how your choices affect future events, whether in the long run or not.

All that it's only a demo. I get so caught up in playing that I had to remind myself that when I reached the end, back when this was new. Now I'm back to play it for the nth time. Great job in keeping me here as your game's slave prisoner with a job to play!

Eyyy...Don't thank me yet! I'm not done replaying...y'know? just so I could live with my beautifully weird and unique family lol

Honestly?, I usually stick to one LI no matter how many times I play through a game, but with this one I keep getting tempted to try other routes. They all seem so natural that it's hard to figure out who the original route is. This is just my opinion though but here are my thoughts:

I've tried Alkar, he is the type who's unsure why anyone would choose him. 'Cause of this he becomes extremely territorial (well, knowing he's a lycan that's kinda not a surprise). Well, not exactly territorial, but more protective, especially for those he care about. He's sweet without the intent. He's a bit childish and aloof, in an endearing way. He's definitely the 'delinquent' type.

Next I tried August. They are the 'didn't-know-what-they've-been-missing-until-they've-found-it' type. There's one word that my mind straight-up described August as I was playing their route. They're passionate. Enough said. As far as I've seen (which is up until the 'fireworks scene')They admire MC very much and it shows.

I tried the first parts of Finn, Ezra, and Omen's. I didn't finish not 'cause it's not as good as the others but because I tend to lose track of the mood and atmosphere of the story I was originally playing. So don't hesitate to try out theirs. I don't trust myself enough to write about the three of them knowing that I haven't exactly got them to 'open-up'. It isn't fair to those who have so I'm going to leave it at that and suggest you find out for yourself. ;)

Anyway, I played as She/her. I'm not sure if that somehow affects how they treat you but...yeah...

When can we expect for the full version to be released? I'm so excited for this omg

Have to say...created an account for this...that alone speaks volumes on how much I love this game.