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разархивируй архив и запусти файл DEPPART prototype.exe


I think in version 1.1.5 everything will work fine

um, sometimes there is a problem that due to the frieze, the camera turns over, just look up or down all the way and it should fall into place

Fixed in version 1.1.5

this is good old unity

most likely you have a gamepad connected, or something similar, you need to disable it

idk, gtx 1060, or maybe 1050ti can 30fps

(google translate) it's a horror game first and foremost, and I wanted it to be difficult for the player to play and shoot, to create panic and stress in moments of combat. It also all depends on whether you shoot slowly or quickly, you can shoot quickly at close range, but in the distance, due to recoil, it is better to shoot slowly. Movement is also very important, you can not let yourself be driven into a corner. I like screen flashing, and it should just complicate the game and not give less control of the situation to the player, but many people say that it is not very good, so I don’t even know. It all depends on the player, you can kill opponents very easily if you get used to it.

what do you dislike about sounds other than the volume of screamers and enemies?

I'm unlikely to want to cooperate, but you can still write to my mail

yes, i think i should turn the volume down.

I don't know and I can't help, sorry, maybe a weak computer, or Windows is not 64 bit.

red download button, just above the comments


I was developing From The Darkness and decided to take a break and make a quick game from the assets I already have including this typical Russian stairwell, and a week later Wrong Floor came out. think as you like about the universe

This is due to the connected gamepad, disconnect it or rotate the stick slightly.

the game does not work on android, and I'm not going to port it because it's not so easy. The game should work on this configuration, I think so

Wow, cool!

heh no) i don't even see any similarities between them, i used fuse program

Desculpa mas nao


they say if you download from the itch io app everything will work 


мини шедевр

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very interesting

Download the game and run WrongFloor.exe

I don't even understand what the controller is, and how to do it, I think this happens by default in the unity

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(google translate) Thanks for your review, I updated the game and now the player can die, I hope this will not irritate the players, although what do they think about when they approach the big maniac. Disappearance is a big minus, and I know it, but it is difficult to implement in any other way, you can explain this by golucinations.