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A part from the asset store like this one

as well as from and

sometimes I combined sounds, and lowered pitch very much, but I did not make any sounds myself



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Write your mail or write me an email , I will send you a steam key

I do not really understand what you mean. You can stream and upload videos of my game, you can also monetize them.

I was developing From The Darkness and decided to take a break and make a quick game from the assets I already have including this typical Russian stairwell, and a week later Wrong Floor came out. think as you like about the universe

This is due to the connected gamepad, disconnect it or rotate the stick slightly.

Thank you) I downloaded most of the models from the asset store and sketchfab, some of the models I made myself, some I downloaded and modified.    It is very easy to do this, there are X Y coordinates to which the player should be turned and the player smoothly turns on them and the flashlight is always equal to these cordenates.

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Sadly( The symbols on the paper were for confusion, there are no such symbols on the lock, you had to find the combination elsewhere. I will remove this piece of paper from the game

the game does not work on android, and I'm not going to port it because it's not so easy. The game should work on this configuration, I think so

Wow, cool!

heh no) i don't even see any similarities between them, i used fuse program

Desculpa mas nao


they say if you download from the itch io app everything will work 


мини шедевр

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very interesting

Download the game and run WrongFloor.exe

I don't even understand what the controller is, and how to do it, I think this happens by default in the unity

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(google translate) Thanks for your review, I updated the game and now the player can die, I hope this will not irritate the players, although what do they think about when they approach the big maniac. Disappearance is a big minus, and I know it, but it is difficult to implement in any other way, you can explain this by golucinations.


glad you liked it) the eyes are there because it's better than nothing

Thank you, Wrong floor finished game, most likely I will create something else but not soon

Kojima, is that you?

Thank you for the video. Mmm, this is probably the final version of Trapped, there may be some minor updates. If I succeed, I will publish the gameon steam, but that is a long time. But I hope to create a Trapped 2 in which will be all that I planned in the first part. The fact that the codes were the same was a mistake, and the pieces of paper will prompt you a new code.

what exactly is not working? and what do you mean combo

just restart the game