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Hello Jammers!

We will be streaming us playing your game live on Wednesday 4/18/2018  6:30pm PST at If you want to come talk about your game on stream join us on the discord If you would rather not talk about it and just lurk in chat thats 100% ok too. Good luck only a half a day left :D

- 72 PC team

Hey guys I noticed its not listed but we will be streaming us playing through each of the games over at

If you guys want to come in to explain your game during the stream you are more then welcome to join us in the discord

I ran it on chrome. Its a weird one for sure but it seemed like it was getting pretty cool!

We plan to host one soon over at 72 Pin Connector 

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I really wanted to make it cheeseable but had second thoughts. The game is pretty brutal. I was really stoked on the ending though. I hope you got to see it :D (i did the level design and art assets)

Current WR for this game is 0:58. Dev Record is 1:01. 

The music is great for sure. I think the 'Flappy Bird' game type is going to end up being its own genre. Flappy Bird + Flower maybe? Dig it man. 

A point and click adventure! Thats cool man I like the idea. 

I really love the art in this. Good job man.

It looks super fun i like the fireball thing! It made me wana play Bust a Move. I kept exploding when i spawned into the second area. I may be doing something wrong though.  

This was really neat. I like the throw mechanic!

We are so excited for you to try our game! Its kinda hard btw. I didnt think it would come out so challenging.  GL!