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Is support for other operating systems planned?

Thank you.

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I don't remember anymore (I have bad memory!) But I think it was just like the person before me said, past the snake.

Edit: It was after I traded biscuits for a secret, and after I acquired the glow from a rock, and went inside the basement, I think.

I'm playing the web version of the game, FYI.


The game bugged out.

There is a purple level with word SEWER written in yellow blocks on the top half of the screen. The purple level actually spans across 3 areas, is that intended?

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Wait, I HAD a wrench, and that lady only kept telling me their name. It was Giuseppe or something like that. Guppe... I can't remember. Ok, what?! She says her name is Fraulein Guptageste, and despite telling me that she'd help us both if I found a wrench, she doesn't do anything UNTIL I bump into the damaged pipe that is on her right...

I too wish that the snake would respond to my keyboard presses faster, but the graphics looks great, and the gameplay seems nice.

Godot is cool!

Well, I mean to say transformations, for example when you place 4 trees together they turn into a forest, or placing the river along grass transforms grass blocks into  some kind of different vegetation...(I guess I've played too much Loop Hero, sorry!)

How will people know if the prize has already been claimed? Wouldn't want to be wasting time only to realize I am too late. Especially, since it's the main selling point of your game...

The old ones won't accept me without a basket. I got a wrench (no idea what for). I can't get the snake away from the door, and the 'mushroom' man only says that he is pReTeNdInG. Got the teal key and 3 pennies, I think. Anyone else stuck here?

I think this still has some more potential in it. Funny game!

The pacing is a little bit too slow, and placing blocks with no interaction with each other is kind of boring...

On Zorin 16, the second controller is detected (DS4), but the player can never join the game. I think.

That's nice of you! I will be checking the game out later then, when it will hopefully also have some new gameplay features. :)

Linux version does not work when using itch client.

Terrible performance on a Linux system. :(