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I have extended the Jam through Sunday so that anyone who needs a little time to get there entry in will still be able to enter.

We are a week in so I just wanted to know if anyone is making any progress? What theme did you choose and what genre are you trying to make?

I am going with the fantasy theme and have been trying to make a simple dungeon crawler.

Today is the official start of the Jam. Please feel free to ask for help either here or the official RCBasic Forum at

I am looking forward to seeing all the entries. Good luck.

Nice. This is actually the first game I have ever seen in monkey X. If I had to criticize something, I would say you should just pick one button for continuing dialog and stick with it. Some screens I had to press space, some I had to press return, and 1 I had to press the down arrow key. There is really no point for that many different inputs for the same thing.

This is a really good game. My only complaint is that after level 10 the game doesn't end. You are just stuck there.

Thats cool. The whole idea for this jam came up when discussing something to do for RCBasic's 10th anniversary. I don't expect more than maybe 2 or 3 people to enter at most but I wanted to do something to celebrate 10 years on this project.

It is using gpu acceleration to rotate and scale the background but it isn't using 3D.  The example comes with RCBasic so you can look at the code.

There is also a library available on the forum for using 3D but it is really only capable of Saturn/PSX level graphics.

I tried to checkout your game but when I click on that link it says I don't have access

I agree

I tried it out and its pretty nice. I will give it a mention on my forum. I think there are a few people there who would have fun trying it out.

BTW, how do you interrupt a running program. I did not see a way to do it in your documentation.

This was a pretty awesome game. I would like to see a sequel to it. It would also be great if it was released on steam. This would be the perfect game for the steam deck.

Thanks for the encouragement. I think I will be ready to upload the next version by the end of this month which will address alot of feedback I have gotten over the last few months. Stay tuned.

I am grateful for the feedback. I am planning on providing the android build stuff separately going forward which should reduce the size quite a bit. However, I don't think that I will be switching from wxWidgets anytime soon.  RCBasic is free and open source and anyone is free to contribute ( ).  If you can't contribute code then you can also help by just reporting bugs either at the forum ( ) or on the github page.  I am the only developer so updates are not going to happen as often as many people would like but I appreciate everyones patience.

It currently doesn't have unicode support. I plan to have it in the next release but that will probably not be until late January or February.

Thanks for the suggestion. I added the tag.

open a new terminal after you install. It adds an alias to your .bashrc file which adds a custom library path to the rcbasic commands.

If you get a chance to try out the latest version, I bundled the SDL2 libraries with it so the stagnation issue should be fixed.

Thanks. I will look out for this going forward.

Ok.  Sorry about all that trouble.  I tested the linux version with Ubuntu, PopOS, Fedora, ElementaryOS, and Solus to make sure it worked across a wide range of distros.  It's really hard to make linux software work with every distro and every configuration.  I am working on a script to be able to just build it from source to help people run it on linux OS's that I haven't accounted for so hopefully that will be able to help out people in your situation.

Thanks again for your patience.

I have tried installing it on a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 in a VM and it worked fine. I have a few ideas on what it could be.

 First of all, the installs the version of SDL2 that is in your distros repos. You said you have SDL2-2.0.14 which is 4 versions newer than what is in the Ubuntu 20.04 repo. It is possible that you might have 2 different versions of SDL2 installed. You might want to check that and uninstall one.

Next, try this:  export DISPLAY=:0

I am going to install Ubuntu 20.04 and see if I can reproduce your issue.

There shouldn't be. Are you using 64-bit Ubuntu?

I accidentally named the Mac OS version as IOS so I updated the name. I am working on fixing some issues with detecting touch events on IOS so as soon as that version is available I will post it. Every other platform can be exported to from the build menu in Geany.

On the second error, you need to compile the program before you run it. First of all, if you are using geany then make sure you ran the script. You will need to close geany and restart it. After that, whenever you open a *.bas file you can compile it from the Build menu in geany.

Alternatively you can open a terminal in the same folder as the *.bas file and type this"

rcbasic_build name_of_your_file.bas

This will compile your program to a *.cbc file.  After that you can run it with this:

rcbasic name_of_your_file

You don't need to include the cbc extension, rcbasic will automatically load a cbc file with that name if no extension is given.

As for your Init Error, that seems to be an issue with SDL2 failing to initialize its graphics subsystem.  Make sure you have your graphics drivers updated and try it again and let me know if it is still giving you problems.

I have been moving toward integrating rcbasic into more fully developed code editors so wxWidgets isn't actually a requirement anymore. Currently geany is fully supported and I am looking to have plugins for vscode and atom soon as well.

To build it just compile and run editor.bas

RCBasic is a programming language. It has a full graphics library that allows you to implement spritesheets and tilesets if you wish. There are examples that show how to do this already. I have implemented spritesheets and tilesets in the engine I built for the game I am currently working on. You can checkout the source code for that here: n00b Engine

It will use the prefered graphics API for your operating system. On Windows it will be the latest version of DirectX your system supports.

Here is a video on getting setup in windows: RCBasic Setup in Windows

If you are on windows then you just need to run the start_editor script and create a new *.bas file. You can then compile and run code from the build menu.

If you are still interested, I automated the process of adding all the games from the bundle. 

Thanks for checking this project out. I have been developing this since early 2015. I am currently working on a action platformer with it myself which I am hoping to release a demo for soon. Someone recommended I put it on itch so more people could discover it. Please check out the forum at