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I like the concept of a supernatural entity that need shares a bond with human in the same body. I'm already falling in love with this story and added it to my collection. Also maybe its too early, but I really like Tobias's playful character LOL.

And for the game itself, do you intended that undo-redo button thingy as permanent as part of the game or will change it later? Just my personal opinion, but it make the choices less impactful when we know if we made bad choice we could just click undo and go back. I hope you get what I mean, because I'm aware that my grammar is terrible :"D Please keep up writing!

I know when I was seeing this its look familiar. This game is also available in Choicescript format. This game always lingering on Dashingdon, but I never think to play it because of the premise--but dang, i change my mind when play the Twine version.