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I think I know where the problem was, and edited the description to be clearer! I hope that sorts it out

Crap, I think I know where the confusion is - you need to spell the English translation - kuruma comes up, you spell "car" etc. That is not even slightly clear in the description, I'll edit. Thank you!

I felt very rushed at the end - in spite of me thinking along the same lines that I would have more time over summer, sports day, speech contest and training new ALTs all conspired against me. That said, I'm super pleased with what I got out in the end.

Stuff Learned:

How Game Maker works! It was a whole bunch of fun and a very fun program to play around in

The importance of planning the flow of your code blocks - the simple coding I was doing in-block was ok, but planning as to where you should put a block of code with regards to when its object would be triggered/etc was an experience

Better Next Time:

Create more from scratch! I wanted to do my own audio and stuff, but just did not have the time

Listened to:

This would be a cool teaching aid for discussing jobs in elementary school. Not sure if bug-or-feature, but playing on mobile you can hit the space between two buttons to change two items simultaneously - useful feature, but maybe a designated button for that.

Great art too!

Thanks! That's good feedback, I'll throw it on the to-do list

I'm using gamemaker as well for this one, and it's my first time fiddling with it, so I'm a little nervous. Gonna start with playable proof of concept then try to work the harder to code ideas into it

Hi everyone! Current JET in Hachinohe, Aomori. My first game Jam where I'm actually the one making the bulk of the game (have done some before in an audio/design capacity). I'm also using a program I've never used before, so I'm planning to adapt the work I did in the tutorials I've done into the game for the jam! Good luck everyone