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take your time mminit! I'm super stoked though.

if you set up a P.O. I'll send you tea.

where can we send pizza and red bull?

that's some good feedback, I don't agree with everything but there's some good suggestions here.

Fair enough, and I respect your stance but I don't really think you'd get much backlash. Most small team/one man games like this aren't even as good as your game and are making mad bucks on patreon. You don't need rewards per say and you have the option to have public updates VS paid ones so you could continue to give people info updates for free but anyone wanting a newer version of the game would have to pay maybe $5 or something, I don't think many people would mind personally but that's just me. I just don't think you're getting the credit you deserve for your work and because people have the option to get it for free, I don't see many people like me willing to pay when they don't have to. Maybe run a poll or something and see what the majority feel, if everyone says no, then there's your answer. Either way, keep up the good work.

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Hey Dude, I just wanted to say I love this game and I'm glad you are continuing to work on it after the lewd jam. Just one question, why don't you start a patreon? I know you told someone before that most people opt out of paying for the game, but that's because you give them the option to. I think you should start a patreon and just give people V4 as a demo since it's already free right now. I would definitely support you on patreon. It's also a good platform for feedback and updating people on progress. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to play the finished game. Either way, if you don't start a patreon, I'll throw you some cash when it's finished.