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Super late reply, but thank you! :D

Hi all!

So, this was not my first jam, and hopefully I will keep doing them more, but it was the first jam with so much time I had and so little people to work on.

Check out the game here.

First Day

Initially we were a team of 3 people, I was going to work on sound, level design and anything extra needed, while Fychan was going to work on art and another person on the code. We got a group together on Discord and did a brainstorm. Since was the first time for that person to code, I though that we could go for something simple and cute, a corgi platformer. The idea evolved and we decided on a corgi detective that is on a case to investigate missing dogs and for that he end up facing the cat mafia. So it was more of a platformer/puzzle, but you know, how bad can it go?

First Week

Aside from all work from the artist, me and the other person were a bit lazy on things. I started mocking up some songs, got something that was okay on beepbox, but before that I tried to go with AWS and... I felt so lost. For hours and hours I was frustrated in front of a screen because I simply could not make music. The programmer didn't get any motivation to code so I was a bit desperate and decided to code by myself. At least there I saw some improvements as I was able to pick several tutorials and put them together somehow.

Second week

Uh oh. We didn't plan things properly. Suddenly me and the artist are overflowing with things to do and we didn't realise we had. And suddenly I got several things to do on the week that I though were going to take less time. We manage through most stuff and worked on something presentable, but far ahead from what we planned.

I am happy about...

This was my first 2D game in Unity! While I did graduate as a Game Designer and we used mostly Unity, by the time I used to work with, it didn't had 2D support, so working with 2D on it was painful and I never wanted to. With the new support on 2D, things were so easy that it was like riding a bike. I remembered a lot of things and learned a lot of functionalities, so it put me up with working with it again.

Working with someone instead of doing all by myself was a great motivation. Fychan is an amazing artist and she is always working hard on any spare time and her flame of determination is what kept me going. I wanted to ensure that all her hard work was there on the game. I was only able to work so hard in the end because of that.

I also managed to get some sort of background sound, which made me very happy for such a short time to work on!

What now?

We both agreed to keep on working on this, as there is lots of other stuff we still want to add. I don't think it will be the most new and innovative game ever, but I will be happy to put on my portfolio with a more polished version.

Of course with just the end of it and with GGJ that happened recently we are still recovering our batteries, but I can't wait to work more on it and make something nice. :)

I am also looking into working on more Game Jams, maybe alone, but would love to meet more people and work with them.

How about you?

I know it was an amazing experience for everyone, and I am proud of you all. I want to know what are your next steps now and, if possible, let's connect! :) I am pretty sure there are people here with amazing ideas and ready to pack, so tell me what you will be up to!