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Hahaha. It's been 6 months and I figured I'd return to this game. I definitely have lost my touch and I'm back to my original speed of 1:40:862

Really good. I loved the game mechanics and the difficulty is just right.

This is reallly good and soo unique!

Continue to make great games like this :D

Ahh this is so good and cute!

Mega sad I won't be able to play this on my Chromebook (os). It looks great and really cute ahh!

IF there were to be an official LeaderBoard I think it should be something like this.

Glitchless- Fastest time without using glitches (Dying is allowed)

Using Glitches- Fastest time using glitches (Dying is allowed)

Glitchless Deathless- Fastest time without dying or using glitches

Using Glitches Deathless- Fastest time without dying while using glitches 

Fastest For individual level- Fastest time for a specific level

Original Playthrough time- Fastest time while playing the game for the first time (not sure if this one should be included) 

Would be cool if it was something like this ;-;

This was great! I think I beat the game around day 10! Loved the news at the top.

This is adorable! I loved the story line! (and those beans)

This is real cute! I hope it gets updated in the future

Took a break from speedrunning the game but I'm back with 1:17:423!

Aw mann I tried importing something into the game and got a notification to refresh. When I did all my progress was gone TvT.  This is still great though. I had fun using it while I got pretty far into the game that was deleted.

This inspired me to speedrun the game! My best time is an 1:40:829 - 8 deaths :) (My first ever play through was 17 minutes)

Originally, I spawned below the level and was totally and utterly confused. I could still move and everything, but there was an invisible wall blocking my way to the other part of the level. 

Besides my initial belief that the game was broken and unfinished as a hole, I continued to re-load where I found the game to actually be quite fun and entertaining.

Took me a while to beat the boss but I love it!!

Took me a LONG time to figure out how to get to higher up in the green room. Great puzzle though!!

Cute asf

Haha I actually died because the mole surpassed the weak and I wasn't paying enough attention to my armor. I was laughing the entire time since to me, it was an endless loop that I probably couldn't get out of without dying (which I did )

I've ran into a problem....

I love this game! It took me a while to figure out level 4 but nonetheless it was a great level. Awesome game design and cute puzzles :>

I love this! I first found it on the level design is spectacular and the sprites are adorable. I wish there were more levels!


This was great! I loved the mini bosses and the game design!


I love pixel art! You did great with this! Like the idea too!!

Thank you!

Amazing, took me about10-30minutes to complete. I wouldnt max out on factories, but have an even amount in terms of coal mining. Please add an option to mute the music as it got annoying the more I played