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Mythril Age

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It is the MV version.

I have found another issue. In the battle core plugin if front facing actor is turned on the options for attacking during battle are not accessible. This happens if both the side view battle system is set or not.

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Awesome, thanks for the fix! I have another bug to report though unfortunately. When using the script call SceneManager.push(Scene_RsvpBox) in game with an event the engine throws another typeError bug. The same bug also happens when doing the same with the script call SceneManager.push(Scene_Evolution).

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When using the MV version demo game I get an error when opening the skill, equip, status, and formation options From the overworld menu. It is a TypeError that says 'this.smoothSelect is not a function'. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Thanks for the tip!

I would have to say probably not. The tiles are 32x32 so I mean you could but it might get complicated.

Awesome, thank you!

These assets are amazing! I was wanting to make a video tutorial series with these and was wondering if it would be ok if I shared a link with edits of these? Of course, I would direct viewers here first, but for my purposes I had to arrange the sprites and tiles in a specific order and was hoping to share those.

The tiles are 32x32.

Wow, just wow. Was very impressed with this one. I like the harvest moon/stardew valley vibe I got from it. Solid design and great artwork. 10/10 would recommend!

Thank you! I'm glad you found it useful!

yeah, feel free to use these for whatever you would like!

sure that would be great! Thank you. 

this game is really impressive. The combat is fun and engaging, the upgrades feel good, and the overall aesthetic of the game is nice. 

I'm really looking forward to playing more! Keep up the good work!

I am just wondering if more then one entry can be submitted and/or win? 

Thank you for taking the time to play the beta demo of my project. I'm more then happy with where Pentacore finished! Congratulations to everyone who participated!


This was pretty fun once I got the hang of the controls. Could've just been me but it seemed to be on the more difficult side of things but it did make me want to keep progressing so take it as you will lol.

This was a fun demo. The battle system is interesting, the art is great, and i want to see where the story goes. Looking forward to more.

Hey thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the game. I’m planning to have a switch version at some point so keep an eye out!

Hey thanks for taking the time to play my game. Glad you enjoyed it. There is save area right before the boss to restore your health and energy but it’s easily over looked. 

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Pentacore Beta Demo is now out! If you give it a play please feel free to let me know what you think!

hey thanks for taking the time to play my demo. There are still bugs to be worked out and the rapid fire is one of them. This is only the first iteration and I’m working the level design along with most everything else. I enjoyed the video and you make very valid points, all of which I am working to update and fix. 

Updated to version 1.0.1! Should fix most issues being experienced at the moment, I think.

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Added an installer for anyone who may have been having issues with getting the game to run. Hope this helps! Let me know if any other issues persist! Thanks!

I might be able to at some point in the future but, unfortunately, as of now I’m just too busy.

I’m debating on buying the legacy vania, legacy shooter 1 and 2, and the classic 1 and 2 bundles. I noticed that you are still adding onto them and was wondering if I buy them now will that give access to the new stuff you add to the packs or would I have to buy them separately?

Awesome. Looking forward to it!

yes they are. 

Yes, the sprites are in the basic four directional walk cycle. 

Sorry, I’ve been crazy busy lately. I do accept commissions when I have the time but unfortunately I don’t have the time as of now. I’m hoping to be free before too long so would it be ok if I messaged you then?

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Yes. This set should work perfectly fine in VX Ace.

Sorry about that. Fixed now!

Each tile is 32x32.

Oh  wow! I’ll definitely check it out for sure!

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Sorry for the late reply.

For snow tiles, check the Mythril Age Master Tile set. For the license, feel free to use them how ever you want. Just don't share or give away please.

There are snow tiles in the Mythril Age Master Tiles collection. As for the licence, feel free to do whatever you want with the the Mythril Age graphics except for giving them away.

Thanks! I'm glad you like them. I make updates to my tiles and sprites fairly often so keep an eye out!