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I think i reached level 5 or 4 i don't remember exactly but then it was just too hard for me xD they are too fast!! I loved the game!

The intro was amazing! great work on that! i loved the animation of the running characters, the game play was nice, i loved the idea, but i wished if there was something more other than dodging, i mean at least put a score counter? and the sounds were great!

THIS GAME IS SO UNDERRATED! AMAZING art! i love the sound effects the effort put into narrating the story! Am surprised that the whistling sound effect for when the text is written worked great! never would've thought of that lol. Please look into a game called "Gris", it is mostly a story based game but they really went on another level with the animations! i feel like maybe this is where you were heading with this? I want to follow your future work for sure! do you have a twitter account?

Why did you make it so HARD! hahaha i swear spikes are everywhere! easy on us please! but the challenge makes me want to play! too bad i wanna try other games :o 

nice try at making it shoot! now try and learn how to make it shoot from the mouth maybe? You should also try to learn to animate the player"neemo"! trust me you will love seeing your game with animations!

The cursor is misleading, i thought i could shoot, but your progress is good, 3 days is hard specially if you are just learning on unity, u did well! i just couldn't reach the portal i tried a lot hahaha

A very enjoyable game! I liked the short story at the beginning! was necessary 

The sound effect made me complete it till the end xD and i really wanted to know what happens at the end, if there was one, and am glad there was an end because i easily get lost in these games :D. It was laggy to me though. Nice Work!

I like the tutorial, didn't quite understand the relation to the theme, but overall a fun game.

I really liked it! was fun to play! did not expect to see a "2player" game over here at all :D good work!

Should've added sounds though! next time add some sound effects.

liked the game, honestly i didnt expect much from a construct game but you were able to manage it well.  

yoo am glad to finally see a story based game in this jam, well done!

علقت عند الصندوق TT^TT

مشكور يالقوي

one of the best games so far, really had fun times playing it! please develop the idea more. check out Moonlighter game for inspiration 

thanks ^^ we had ideas but we ran out of time xD

I got the same issue when we uploaded our game! we had to upload many more times in order to get it to work, eventually our game was buggy anyway lol

They didn't mention it, so there is no limit :P