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Yes, this is an issue that is being resolved in the upcoming update (v1.5.0) which we are targeting to come out sometime next month. You can avoid this bug in non-ATB systems but if that is what you are building your game around then please wait for the update. If the wait time is too long for you, please feel free to refund the plugin for now and pick it back up again after the update :)

We unfortunately can't offer compatibility with VisuStella plugins for MZ at this time due to their obfuscation policy. If you require similar functionality, moving over to MV with Yanfly Engine Plugins equivalents should resolve most of the issues.

Sure, could you share screencaps of your Plugin Manager and the Plugin Parameters for this plugin?

We do include a basic Window Resizer plugin in the plugin suite if you want to make a game in smaller resolutions. For advanced options, we would recommend using another plugin solution such as YEP or SRD Core Engine. Cards change their dimensions based on what image you provide for them so all you would need to do is adjust plugin parameters (such as Hand Width, Button Positions) to fit the new resolution.

Ah ok, that looks like a bug on our end. We'll add it to the tracker to fix for next plugin update.

If you need a workaround for now and are amenable to editing the plugin file a little, I believe commenting out the Draw Text call on ln 793 should do the trick. This will still allow you to use Deck Points as a mechanic while not displaying it under the Card Preview.

Let us know if the issue still persists after this change and we can troubleshoot further if necessary :)

Hello, thanks for your question!

Deck Points is a completely optional feature in this plugin so if would like to ignore it you don't need to add the Deck Points Notetag for Skills. Deck Editor will still work without it. Additionally, you can configure what the Name and Abbreviation of Deck Points are through plugin parameters and setting them to a blank string will prevent their text from being drawn.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if there are any other questions about this plugin or any others.


MythAtelier Team

P.S: We are massive fans of Luxaren Allure and Weird and Unfortunate Things! Thank you so much for making amazing games with RPG Maker :D

Projected date is near the end of next month but don't hold us to that as something always comes up. We try to make sure to incorporate as many points of feedback each iteration as possible so the hope is even if it takes a while between updates each iteration is as comprehensive as possible. But there is always more work to be done :P

Sure, you can achieve it via commenting out this section around ln 741. This may cause issues when it comes to multiple states being applied on the same target (the bars will stick around until a new set of states is applied). 

Please use this as a temporary solution until the next update where you will be able to set the Fade Timer in plugin params to -1 (thereby disabling it) to achieve the less janky version of this effect.

Uh, we don't have Core Script 1.8.0. Core Engine v1.6.1 is the most recent version to date. Unless you happen to be from the future ....

In any case, would you be able to share screencaps of the following so we can help diagnose the issue?

- Plugin Manager for your Project

- Plugin Parameters for Deck Editor plugin

- Event/Script Call where you are trying to Open the Library

- Img/System Folder for your Project

Once we have these we will have a better idea of what is going on and be able to troubleshoot further.

Thanks for picking up the plugin! Let us know if there are any features you would like to see or if any bugs/compatibility issues pop up.

With regard to MV support, it's actually quite the opposite! MZ is an absolute pain in the arse to work with while MV is very easy to slap things together. MZ's code is a lot cleaner and better optimized but they make even simple things like resizing a window a nightmare because of the added considerations for rect formatting and multiple resolutions. The MZ Sprite classes in particular cause a lot of trouble when we port the plugins over because they are considerably different from how MV does things. MZ's method of registering plugin commands is so annoying that some devs just hack in a way for you to use them via the MV legacy method so as to not deal with the hassle (MZ3D does this iirc).

It's not all bad though just a bunch of hoops you have to get used to jumping through :)

There isn’t a way to not count a step as an encounter step right now (the plugin builds on top of how RPG Maker usually counts them) but it shouldn’t be too hard to include. Should have it in by next patch :)

If you could share with us screencaps/video of the following we can look into it as currently we are unable to replicate the issue on our side.

- List of plugins in your Plugin Manager

- Video/GIF of the Error as it is happening

- Console Log roughly when the Error happens

Because you mentioned that your project uses custom plugins, you can also send a share link to our business email for a GDrive/Dropbox/Mega folder that contains your project. This would allow us to offer more than a general solution to the issue and allow for a faster response. Once the problem is resolved, you may revoke our access to the project and we'll delete any files we have locally. If that doesn't work for you, that's totally fine, we can continue to go back and forth in this thread.

That is indeed quite odd! Thanks for looking into it. Let us know if you find any more about it and we can see where we need to roll out the necessary fixes :)

Got it! That gives us enough to work with. Thanks :)

Ok, so at least we have things working. We can make sure to fix the peeking error for the v1.6.1 patch. Last thing from you: could you open the console (F8) and then attempt to peek at another party members hand? Do any error messages or warnings pop up when you do?

Does the Skill that is tied to End Turn have the <willEndTurn> Notetag? That will be needed to pass the turn.

Thank you for sending in the video! This clarifies things immensely. It clearly looks like a bug because the Actor Status Window should be changing to match the character whose hand you are peeking. When you hit End Turn, does the turn not move over to the next party member?

Would you be able to provide some screenshots of the issue? Having trouble replicating on our end which means there might be some other errors happening.

Are you peeking before their first turn? CGC doesn’t draw Hands for them until their turn starts. As for Status Icons, are they not appearing on the Actor Status Window (one on the bottom-left)?

Hello, no worries, this has been reported by a number of folks. We have a patch coming soon that will fix it.

If you wanted to fix it yourself, open MYTH_CGC_PartyUI_TypeA in a text editor and go down to functions processTouch near the bottom of the plugin. You will want to change one function called inside it from activateActorStatusWindow() to activatePartyStatusWindow().

Let us know if that fixes the issue. If problems are still happening we can troubleshoot further.

The first screen is using RPG Maker MZ’s default front view battle system.

SRD Battle Status Window should be compatible, try swapping the order of the plugins to have the Odometers show up in those windows.

Yes, you can set in the Plugin Parameters whether Actors have their own collections or if the collection is shared by all party members. The UI is set up to accommodate both.

MZ Demo Project seems to be working for both saving the game after winning a battle and saving the game after escaping a battle. This is for RPG Maker MZ v1.8.0. Perhaps updating your version of MZ will help resolve these issues?

Could you post a screencap of your Plugin Manager and the error log that appears for this issue? That will help us replicate the conditions on our side.

Hello Nellz, currently, you would need to edit the plugin to make the Status Bar always show up (by preventing the fade condition from being met). We can make sure to include a new Notetag allowing you to show the Status Bars permanently in the next update.

That's up to them. In prior communication with their team, they have not been amenable to us extending CGC to support their plugins. We hope to reach an agreement in the future that allows us to do so, but right now that is not possible.

Yes, you have Cards in your Deck that summon special Actors called Creatures to the Battlefield. We want it to work similarly to systems in Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh where you can order field Creatures to attack specific targets and perform triggered abilities. When the Battle ends, the creature are wiped from the field so that next Battle you will need to set them up from the deck again.

Here is a video of an early version of the Card Summons plugin in action:

Glad to hear you figured it out :)

We appreciate your caution! The error code will be pretty helpful to narrow down what's going on. We may not be security folks, but we have a few friends in that field so we can have them take a look at it. Hope it's nothing but it never hurts to be careful :)

Ok, we've checked in a test project on our end and it seems to be working. Could you share with us a screencap of how you are using this script call in your game? Also, it would be helpful to get a screencap of your Plugin Manager list (so we can replicate the setup on our side). There could be some external factor affecting how this works. We'll get to the bottom of it :)

It depends on available time. Probably not for the Odometer v1.5.0 update. Maybe in the future.

This works fine with YEP plugins. For our plugins, it should work with all plugins that are not the Card Game Combat suite. The Odometer will appear just fine, however, when it comes to resolving Actor death state there are still issues with the current version.

You can potentially remove it via script calls for now (either as part of a Damage Formula or in a Common Event), but I think you may have identified a bug with the plugin with regard to States. We will add this to our bug tracker and make sure it is patched for the next update.

Hello sizizilly, thanks for your question! Your English is fine, Google Translate did a good job.

If using the Change HP command does not work, then you should still be able to incapacitate the Actor by applying the KO state on them. My guess is that since the HP change is not being applied through the Damage function, the plugin does not register this as Damage and the Mortal Damage flag is not turned on as a result preventing the Actor from becoming incapacitated.

Please use the temporary solution of applying the KO state for now. I will make sure to correct this bug for the next update.


MythAtelier Team

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Hi onamint, we believe Defender is flagging the direct download of a JS file. We have gone ahead and packaged them in a ZIP file for all the updated plugins. Could you let us know if Defender has an issue with the new file when it is downloaded from the Store Page again?

Thanks for letting us know! We will look into what may be causing that issue. Please let us know if Defender is throwing out any specific error codes or if it is just a general warning as that'll help us narrow down what's going on :)

Hey carlos wesley, we don’t have map support for Cards working  quite yet. This can be achieved via a workaround using the Show Card plugin we include in the suite and YEP Picture Common Events plugin, however, Card-specific actions (such as Drawing, Discarding, Shuffling) won’t be carried out as Card Zones (such as Hand, Deck and Discard etc.) don’t exist on the Map scene.

Hey TacticianDaraen, thanks for reporting these in! We will keep an eye out for this error. There is a major update coming out in a few days (v1.6.0) which may have already taken care of this issue. Once that update is available, please let us know if the issue persists in which case we can spend some time to investigate the bug and issue a patch to fix it.

Thanks for that! No, we do not have compatibility with SRPG Gear plugin at the current moment. This may come in a future update.

Hi PegasusRook, could you link us to the SRPG Gear plugin you mentioned in your post? We can check for compatibility on our end and let you know if it works with Card Game Combat.