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A member registered Aug 15, 2016

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Hi! We brought your library to help with our project, but still meet difficulties. Can you help us?

We are working on a system which creates visualizations out of motion capture data (e.g. make particle systems according to the movement). The motion capture data can be both file based (offline visualization) or real-time stream (online visualization). We use Unity's Mecanim to apply the animation from the motion capture data to various characters with different meshes and bone structures. The FBX is the format that's normally used for animation in unity. So far we have worked out all the visualization with animations stored in FBX files. (We rig the FBX files when import, thus we can obtain the animation stored in those FBX files and apply them to the characters we got from the assets store.) However, the huge problem is that our data input is not FBX files, but either BVH file (offline visualization) or data stream (online visualization).

To make things simple, let's leave alone the online one and just look at the BVH file one. In this case, we want to load and visualize the motion capture data that we have in the BVH format to the system. We successfully get the animation clip from the BVH file using your library, and applied that to the character's animation controller (by using animation override controller). But the character won't move as expected, and the clip complains that the animation targets are missing (as screenshot below).

alt text

We think this is because that the skeleton structure extracted from the BVH file won't match the underlying humanoid skeleton structure inside unity Mecanim system.

BTW, we also tried to convert BVH file to FBX file using Blender, but we could not get the new FBX files working properly in Unity. The FBX file can successfully be generated by Blender, but the FBX file works weird in unity.

What should we do in this case? Is there any feature in your library that can help with this case? Or can you share your opinion on that?

I saw in your demo that I can create an animation clip out of BVH file. So my questions are: 1) Is there any way that I can store it into unity assets? 2) Can I apply the clip to my animation controller? If yes, how?

I'm doing a human movement visualization project in unity. But the movement format is in BVH instead of FBX. Can I use your importer to import bvh file and apply the animation in one of my rigged game character that set in the scene?