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Philipp Gust

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looks like one block slipped a bit and now the document has 5 pages instead of 4. The same issue with 18XX Outlaw. :)

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Nice Game so far :)
I like your idea and hope, you will create more of these games! :)
But I found a few mistakes and have some questions:
- missing arrows in "Advancement" (p.1)
- For Warrior: Warfare has to be italic (p.1)
- Missing points at the end of nearly all character’s specialties, Ring Masteries, Waepons, Equipments, Magic Seals (p.1-3)
- wakasashi should be wakazashi (p.1)
- sai is a japanese word and has no "s" for plural, so only "pair of sai"

- What exactly is a trait? Is it more like a skill or a tool? Have you an example for each of the rings? (p.1)
- battle armor and full samurai armor have the same benefits but different prices? Is battle armor maybe only 2 time breakable or is a full samurai armor bad for sneaking and climbing? (p.2)
- missing space between full samurai armor and bracket (p.2)
- also between lantern and bracket (p.2)