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You're probably saying that due to Rory Mercury. 

I just double checked it, and it seems to be 0.7. I can tell as much by the size as well, since this update brings it up about a gigabyte. I re-did the link again so not sure what happened there lol

Sorry, no.

Gotta deal with it, he isn't as dumb as it seems honestly. Take my word for it. Gotta keep something a specific way to be able to make progress. Cat girl? I'll be damned but I can't... figure out which character is the cat girl? 

As for Rory... DAMN ROIGHT!

That is correct. If she told you to wait in your room till she sends the Witch, then yeah. That's it for the update when it comes to 0.6. Working on 0.7 already :) 

It is supposed to be, except main menu. I mean.. I hardly have VA's or anything of the sort for it. Then again I did initially plan to deal with the music part but...  then there's that whole bloody hassle with copyright everywhere, and tbh ISOR doesn't have that much of a support for me to be able to afford licenses for such things and what not. 

No, sadly not. I didn't bother with that one for this. Then again I'll tweak a lot of things when I'm done with this one, which will be soon enough. It was meant to be made in 2 parts aka have a sequel anyways.

It is? And should't be bigger than 100 mb or so I think? something of the sort, this one is short.

Ah yes... le bugz! Thanks for report mate.


It an interactive fiction ? Ifyou head for downloads it will redirect you to a site where it can be read.


Thanks fr the support. *Hands over Rory as a prize*

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Reported it. We'll see. Thanks for notifying.

Ara, ara.

Yeah, I did. Really damn pathethic. 

Man... what a scumbag move. 

Yeah, don't worry. The bug fix makes sure you can't skip straight to chapter 3, cause that really messes stuff up. I went through stuff before uploading just in case, couldn't find anything so that's good I suppose. But by all means if you bump into something again, feel free to notify me I'll deal with it as fast as I can.

P.S Feel free to join the discord server for easier communication as well, faster way to reach me rather than here.

Nay, nay. That's a bug. I'm about to upload a bug fix. DL that one and start a new game then. Cause with current bug you can skip 2 hours worth content due to it <.<

Actually my policy is that what you miss in one build, you get in another.

For example, v0.1 had Patreon exclusive content yeah? But in v0.2 you've got Patreon content from v0.1 + New content.  You were denied the Patreon content from v0.2, but you got it in v0.3. 

Basically you always get patreon content from previous releases in the new ones, just that you don't get the new patreon content with public build. Did I explain that properly to you? If not, feel free to tell me.

Also, I always advise people to join the discord server. Not only for easier communication but also for sake of certain things such as bot giveaways... which I intend to do, random luck but can win Patreon Build easily.

Lucifer Morningstar... and what planet are you from? London? xD

Well... I mean... kind of? This would be spoilers but... doesn't he sleep with Etune the half demon a lot? He hardly minds it at later point anymore. As for his sister... eh... the sister was never primary focus of this story / game. She is there as side content for those who want, but progression with her isn't fast so you'll have to be a bit patient to get to that part.

And yeah, if you're told something along the lines "You've seen all the content for Intro" that means... well it means what it means lmao. Same stuff with everything else, noting you can proceed.

But thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you enjoy it nonetheless. Feel free to join the discord server if you want, always easier to chit-chat there.

No problem man.

No sadly. Sorry.

Sadly I can't provide assistance with this. I have no knowledge in JoiPlay, but you can always join the discord server and ask people there. Someone could know how to help with the issue.


Odd once again, don't fully understand how that system works myself. But you can always join the discord server, can give you the game there if you want. 

Personally not sure how that entire system functions, when you claimed it, is there any kind of notification you've got or an email confirmation that you claimed it?

My man... damn right. <3 

Fair enough, and thanks for trying it out. I'll lower the value of it if that is what you believe. Thank you for feedback.

Damn right it is. Rory waifu <3

Visually. Not personality, not story-vise. Their visuals are made like that for sake of appeal. 

I'm hyped you're hyped :D

Ahem. x) Yeah, probably so. 

My man... :D

Damn glad to hear that! It will be a VN but with Free Roaming and events just to give more info.

Pretty soon given my work pace. That being said I'd rather not make a specific date as it can happen that I'll delay it for a day or two. But you can join my discord server to easily be notified about it! 

This is produced by a talentless developer. But I approve of this. *Stamps the game with approval seal*

Sadly no, not yet. But I've been told that someone already plays it by using

Apparently it can be installed on your phone, and then it can be used to play it on the Android if that would be of any help to you.