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Yes. But due to obligations and current status things, it is awfully slow.

Been rather busy, but yes some progress is made. I have another side project as well.

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Yeah, of course. And don't worry about it, more than happy to chit-chat!    - There you go!

No problem! By the way, feel free to join the discord server. I'm more easier to reach there in case you want.

I'm afraid I'm somewhat stretched between writing my if gamess / books, and working on K:O along with another project. So at the current moment I can't find the time for additional work I'm afraid. 

Hence I've paused the work on this, but don't worry it won't be cancelled nor abandoned. That I can say for certain. 

That's alright, though I can't give specific time for next update.

Thanks for checking it out, I sort of bumped into a writing block at the moment, hence the halt with updates. But, feel free to check out K:O though. Community » Game Development » Get Feedback · Created a new topic K:O

Any sort of feedback welcome, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism especially.

You can DL it already hah

Thanks, v0.4a is being uploaded ATM. :)

Yes, IT IS free. As for fun scenes, care to clarify that for me?


Any way to contact you before i purchase this? I have a question or two, email? Twitter? Discord? Anything?

Sadly i can't make this one in female perspective. But there are more on the way where you will be able to do that. :)

Hope that satisfies.

Oh wow, bloody awesome. Keep up the good work!

Hey, thanks. All done!

Well then, time to make a lets play of this one!

Use some software, like FRAPS

Here we are at Raft once more, only with some advancement!

Keep in touch via:

Twitter: @Mystic CRO
Facebook: Mystic CRO
Skype: mysticcro

If you like the video, smash that like button, OR subscribe for more!

Thanks for the fun! Altough that shark at end scared the hell out of me. !

11:19 :P