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 I had alot of fun recording this game on my YouTube channel! It's so cute, and the story is interesting. I can't wait to see how Treat's journey will continue in the other games. Thank you so much for creating this! Conitue the fantastic work! :3
PS I love the art~ <3
The video-
-Update sorry I also posted this in the rating sorry if u see double. (^-^;) hehe-

This was really fun, even though I got stuck in the end. I won't lie the citizen's of Nowhere, are alittle scary. However, that's probably just me...or is it? Lol anyway this was fun to play for Christmas. The music kept getting too loud, then suddenly quiet for me. So instead I added music in my video. Other than that, this game is fun and interesting to play! :3

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This was really fun to play, and I even screamed afew times! When I first saw the game I was gonna chicken out, but Captain Wolffy couraged me on. No regrets made from playing this game! I had fun. Nice to play a good pixel horror game. Wish it was abit longer, but that's fine~ :3