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the only other download option is to become a patron and get the newest version

Have you tried to install the game using the app, that might work. If that doesn't work then issues like these are sometimes due to your computer not trusting the source, so you may have to go into security features on your PC and manually accept the game as a trusted source.

could you tell me exactly what happened?

go back to your bedroom and click the bed

That one is a bit hard, but here is the key. You press yellow 5 times, then blue 3 times and then red 3 times, that should do it.


Thanks for the heads up about the bug, It has now been fixed

It's for a dark and gloomy character

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He will be fully romanceable for a later update, for this one you just get a little something-something

that is Crevan, head of security

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The issue has now been fixed. Thank you so much for pointing that out to me.
If you re-download the game on any platform it should work. Reach out to me if you'd like a personal thank you.

This project will be updated periodically, but if you really can't wait, then the second update is already available on Patreon here:

there are more updates in the works, so stay tuned

I'm glad that you liked it

you don't need the base version, this is a full game in it own right

yeah, right here:

These issues should be fixed now, thanks for bringing them to my attention.

thanks for the heads up, I will fix that immediately

look at the symbols in the book  

It means that I am working on it and hopefully sometime soon

not yet, sorry

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I am currently looking at the guidelines for steam, so all I can say, right now, is maybe.

I have started a dev diary, so that you can follow the development. I hope that helps with the wait.

I will try and hurry it up as much as I can, but it will probably be a month or two

WOW!!! thank you sooooo much!
I will be finishing the furry mod as quickly as I can, but it may take a small while, so please be patient.

It's a demo

if you have any questions, then you are welcome to write me at

if you're really serious, then just download the furry version and donate that amount

I'm glad you liked it

unfortunately, no, this is not still in development. if you want to play the full version of the game, then you can play it with human character here:

But development on the furry mod has been paused.

I just played it and it looks good, I'm ooking forward to seeing the next updates

this looks great! I can't wait to see what thi project has in store for all of us

will there be a mac or android version at some point?

I just noticed that and it has ben removed. I'm sorry that you were hoping for aliens and got none, but I do have the game "abducted" (which you can find here: which is all about aliens

thanks so much for that play-through!!!

which version are you downloading

I'm sorry, but this version of abducted is on indefinite hold, however there is stil the main version of the full game which you can download

stil just 8$, please share the demo if you want to see it move forward

It was hidden for some reason, it's up now