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mystery zone games

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if you're really serious, then just download the furry version and donate that amount

I'm glad you liked it

unfortunately, no, this is not still in development. if you want to play the full version of the game, then you can play it with human character here:

But development on the furry mod has been paused.

I just played it and it looks good, I'm ooking forward to seeing the next updates

this looks great! I can't wait to see what thi project has in store for all of us

will there be a mac or android version at some point?

I just noticed that and it has ben removed. I'm sorry that you were hoping for aliens and got none, but I do have the game "abducted" (which you can find here: which is all about aliens

thanks so much for that play-through!!!

which version are you downloading

I'm sorry, but this version of abducted is on indefinite hold, however there is stil the main version of the full game which you can download

stil just 8$, please share the demo if you want to see it move forward

It was hidden for some reason, it's up now


great to know that it has been resolved

I a sorry to hear that, Try and contact Itch.Io support about the issue. They might be able to refund the purchase or tell you how to apply so that I may do it.

I am sorry to hear that, I would love for you to play the game.
To answer your question, I will be making a demo version of the furry mod (which will be free), but the main game is still pay to play. However, I am considering getting the game on to steam, would that help your issue?

I did, thanks for the feedback

The release date is not final, but I am hoping to have the ful game out sometime during August 

more scenes are on their way when I release the full game