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mystery baguette

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i've always loved the art sqool font thank you for the downloadable font :0

i'm sorry my comment affected you, i read the original and didn't consider your feelings

i guess that's fine, it really clears things up but don't go thirsting around we're not old enough for that

i love the first game i was surprised i didn't learn about the sequel sooner,,,,,darn you itch io algorithm

killua dating sim but all the endings take you to jail for dating a minor

adorable game!!

doctor chung is adorable!! is he your dog?

such a nice game but when i waited for the bus it would just stay there :p

i love this game it's so charming and it's a great game to play with my little cousins!!

it's so simple and adorable!!! it's a great game to play with my little cousins!!

aww this looks adorable, the color palette is easy on the eyes and the controls are really simple!

oh my god i can't believe this masterpiece is already around a year old this game is so great 

hi...i always loved your games and made this account just so i can say thank you for your work they're really fun and cute!

i love this,i love you and i love promare so thank you for making this game :)

also there's a small bug when i try to save but i finished the game already