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Makes sense

How did you get the free trial ? I can't find the game online either...

Have you finished the game ?

Naotaro is the idole and Shinnosuke the detective (his sprite is facing us with raised arms)

Yes, I saw some arts too, and the ship looks pretty legit to me.

Oh I see, the novel took that route.
Maybe the vn was kinda restricted about it for the logic of the story, it's oriented toward Hinata who have a lot of main plot elements (and each route forced a romance in a way, so Hinata could be a forced romance for the vn/shounen ai support ?)
And so the canon ship is still Sakura and Aoi ? Idk

Sadly, my japanese is way too weak for me to read the novel but I'm quite relieved of what you're saying, Sakura seems canon. He's not even my favorite character but for me he's the most plausible love interest of Aoi.





after all, Aoi literally gave his heart to Sakura so...

The only problem I have now is the fact that the true route threw away the letter which introduces the vn. 

I see you're a huge fan, have you heard of "World Downfall Our Imaginary" ? I just saw it existed and I'm veeeeeery interested in it but it seems totally inaccessible. I hope for a translation one day...

Hi, I just cleared Lemures's Blue and I wanted your opinion

I'm kinda frustrated so I'm asking





Sakura x Aoi isn't canon ? Was the letter in his ending a lie too ?
Actually, I may have not understood everything.

I don't care that much about romance but in the case of Lemures, I'm not really hooking to the "incest" route with Hinata, I though it was some kind of brotherly ending (and so Sakura was still Aoi's loved one) until Hinata said "sitting next to the ghost that I fell in love with."
That surprised me, so I think I may have missed a thing about the true meaning of Aoi's letter. Or everything was a one-sided love and Aoi actually didn't like anyone in a romantic way ?

Except from Sakura's route, I saw every other relation as a bromance so I'm pretty sad for Sakura if the real ending is really like that. In the true route he seems to accept way too easily that he isn't the one that could make Aoi happy...

I may think too much about it but I really liked this game and needed some clarification.