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I streamed this game on twitch yesterday and received nothing but positive feedback.  It's amazingly fun to play, I don't even care that I continually die and have to start over.

I'd be careful with checkpoints/savepoints.  It really comes down to how long a playthrough might take; if you are playing for hours and you're only at the midpoint then yes you need a savepoint.  However if the game could be played through in say 30 mins a savepoint might make it too easy.  It's all about the time it would take in my opinion.

qjoypad is just a button mapper for linux

I really liked this demo, although I thought it was too short.

Some notes, first the game detects usb controller but won't accept input(linux); I ended up using qjoypad to play with controller and the game was much more enjoyable.  I just wanted to verify this wasn't a VM issue.

Second, the boss was very balanced.  I thought I had it figured out, then it changes the pattern.  I really hope you can achieve this sort of challenge for a full game.