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Thanks for the awesome games :D looking forward to more :)!

I loved the first one and the second chapter didn't disappoint! great job :)!


Also played the other game you made parasite flower and I enjoyed this one as well! I already thought he was gonna be a bad guy from the start but that didn't make the experience any less good

This was AWESOME, absolutely loved playing this :)!

Fun short little game, ending jumpscare did manage to get me although it looked very funny. Thanks for the game :)!

I feel like this game could be alot better by simply just giving the player more time to read, I wasn't able to basically read 90% of it while playing which makes everything feel alot more random than it should be

Fun little game! Sadly, the "leave me alone" strategy didn't seem to work


Even though I saw the twist coming from the beginning I still thought this was good! The only thing I wish it had was some voice acting! Really well done though :)!

Cool short little game! Thanks :D (3rd game)

Cool little opening for a bigger project, thanks for the game! (2nd game)
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Beautiful looking game! Cool short experience, cheers :)! (1st game)

This was a pretty fun experience, the only thing I didn't like was how slow the text was appearing on the screen. But besides that this was fun!

This was really good! It being so silent the entire time really adds to the whole creepiness of it, especially once there is finally a sound!

Pretty interesting premise, would be interested to see where it goes!

This was cool, can definitely see the potential here!

Fun short experience! Thanks for the game :)!

This game was wild, enjoyed it though :)!

This was a good game! Had a nice way of building up tension :)

Played this a few days ago but man it was a blast! Honestly very funny while also delivering on some scares! Overal just a great experience, cheers :)

This was a really fun game to play! Played this a while ago but hadn't posted it here yet. Thanks for the game :D

Short but sweet! Cheers for the game :) (3rd game)

This was alot of fun to play, great little short experience! (2nd game)

Fun little game! Thanks for the game :D (1st game)

This was good! Short but sweet experience :)

The premise is very interesting! I would love to see something longer story wise like this someday! :) Thanks for the game

Truly an amazing experience, genuinely just had a really good time playing this!

Love the style the game has,  fun puzzles and overall just a great experience!

This was alot of fun to play!

Amazing experience

This was a good experience! Had some trouble with stuff mostly because of my own stupidity but I still really enjoyed it! :D

Like everyone already said just wish it was longer because I was starting to really enjoy it! Everything that is here is solid and im looking forward to more!

This was dope! Some of the scares really got me, thanks for the game! :) (2nd)

The scare got me pretty bad, pretty fun little experience! (1st)

Pretty late with this one but I enjoyed it alot nontheless! Thanks for the cool game :)!

This was great, honestly just a very enjoyable experience! 

Really liked
Really liked this one alot! Good atmosphere, music and characters. Also making the drinks was alot of fun! :)

Cool little unique game! Enjoyed thinking about what the next floor was gonna bring :). (3rd game)
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Didn't realize I played your first game as well when I downloaded this! It's nice to see you making games and improving :)! (2nd game)

Cool little game, one of the best games I've played using this mechanic! (1st game)

This was great, I genuinely haven't felt this scared in a while! Thanks for the awesome game :)