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Would you be able to do a town set?  I'd love to see your take on a general store, smithy, apothecary, stables, or a city fountain!

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What happens if you go through the entire deck without getting enough renown? Is that the only way to lose?

Also, is the deck ever re-shuffled or replaced during the game?

Would it be possible to get a set of tiles at around 200px a side or larger? That way, even small maps would look crisp when printed on a full page. Those are very big tiles though, so it's also something i could do myself as i needed the tiles.

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Same thing on the dirt version (975), but the desert version's fine!

It seems grass coast tile 915 should be flipped (horizontally and vertically) as tile 912 already has that orientation.

Thanks for the tile set, it's beautiful!