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i love what you do really

very very cool 

woo guys this is super cool i want to be part of your team am from algeria-bejaia

this is a platform like steam but for indie games 

he cant do that

lol read instruction u fool


hhh lol

How And Why ??its not even my idea it's just a copy i did nothing

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am really sorry my friend i also love the hardware tycoon game that's why i made this project but unfortunately it looks like i cant finish it anytime soon am really trying my best

but until this moment you won't believe this but every single script in this game was made using "Notepad" my pc is very very slow that i cant even run An IDE when I Open Unity Editor i tried to Use The Visual Studio 2013,wish is the oldest one and its still the same its very hard to do anything and most of my time is wasted when Windows crashes and restarting everything that makes my workenvirement really not the best and that affects the progress a lot

what am saying is i hope u understand my situation.

 there is nothing i can do at the moment 

iii what do u you mean??

yea sure we can talk 



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you didnt even edit the template to make a real full game woow just wow 

Don't worry for sure, it takes a long time to make any progress, these games are not easy but I'm trying

 I also don't have time these days

Ohh thank you so much my friend i would really appreciate it

 i actually have no idea how to do the management stuff, it would be great if you could give me some help

but how ??where i can find you

Woow dude what the hell this is freaking awesome

Holly cow I love your work a lot

Good luck my friend

Sounds interesting, I can't wait...

Good luck my friend.. 

Another question : u using unreal engine aren't u?

Very nice...

but what is the main objective 

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to be honest that exactly what i was intended to do my friend i actually started this project as replica to the original 2018 hardware tycoon and placing component by yourself was my favorite too i played that game houres just because of that ,even though its unplayable...

houver i'll try my best to deliver the exact same experience in a different way...

really thanks for your support am very happy that there's someone interested in playing my game

oh thanks dude i really really love your support tnks a lot

 ill try my best tycoon games are very complex and i just started making games so this is going to be a very big challenge...

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Ill try to remake this game in unity am not the one who made this. but i can use the same concept.

 if u want to get notified u can follow me here fokeris

Or even try one of my other games