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Myou Bunny

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Aw why is this being released on Halloween, I want to play his now, this is just my kind of game, can't wait to do a let's play of this. I'll be keeping an eye on you!

Only took me an hour but I remembered the game I think this is like or could be like, Black Snow, I watched Markiplier play it 2 years ago.

Well what can I say, it is a good game but the story is very stereotypical for horrors. The music and sounds though do make it unique compared to most indie horrors, as most horror can't grasp the benefit of good sound. I would of scared me if I'd had headphones on but my fiance who was playing was no scared at all, but then again not much does.

I say play it for yourself to actually get the full gist of the story and if you watch my play through wear headphone, speakers will not do the bass justice!

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PS if this had real danger or was longer it might have real effect

So much fun! Can you add more to this, like more levels or four player? :P

My Let's Play:

I want more of this, I only did a quick playthrough and I didn't get all the memories but I'll leave that for someone else :3

My let's play:

I must be doing something right because I made it out in under 10 minutes but what an exciting 8 minutes it was, would play again in a heart beat. Looking forward to playing your newest and other games.

I am pretty sure I did not give this game enough time and credit, it's a really good game, but talk about wonky phsyics and I should have read the instructions. I might give this another go at some point but for now you really need to play it for yourself to understand what I'm saying.

I have to say I didn't quite get what I was meant to do, there are tapes, customers and posters, I can throw stuff and when I 'lost' I had the option to continue destruction!? If anyone else can tell me what's what by all means let me know, in my video first part is Barely Afloat and the second is You Had One Job!

Well what can I say, amazing game, very short and very shocking. Either play it or save ruining your life by watching my video, first part is Barely Afloat and the second is You Had One Job!

Can't wait to play his other games!

I kinda rambled in my video but only because I understand this game in it's entirety. This game speaks on a multitude of levels and you captured a lot of it, but a lot isn't expained, I'm not sure if that's the point though. You understand the character is heart broken but what's with the abundance of shoes and the coat by the door, why put it on if you don't want to leave. Loved the music and especially the graphics, I could of played a game that looks like this for hours!

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I am in love with this little game but not in the way you might think. I gave up on doctors, they just throw antidepressants at you and expect it to pass, I gave up trying to succeed or doing everything I NEEDED to do that day and I started thinking I couldn't live with not being perfect. All this passed and I've learnt that if it's not done today it's okay, as long as you eat and remind yourself there are things to be done, a mental note if you will, you'll know you can succeed in work, life and love.

This little game shows the pain of not feeling like you're achieving your true potential, even though you physically can't and laying in bed at night not having any more energy but your brain still reminds you how shit you are.

My playthrough: