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I wrote a fan supplement for this!

It honestly started off as a MÖRK BORG hack before it evolved to this hahaha


Oops! I think it should still be correct on the character sheets, but for reference, her Goals are:

  • Ensure she will never, ever return to an ordinary life.
  • Help Goncharov become the gangster she once loved.

And I'm glad to hear it! Let me know how it goes!

Thanks so much! And absolutely! 

Only the real fans know!

Glad to hear it! Let me know what you think! 

That's good to hear! I'm a big Thomas fan and super excited for the new patreon. 

Oh, and I included the .rtf file since I heard somewhere it was easier for people to access if they're using text to speech. 

I've just added Stripe payments to my itch account, so let me know if that works!


You made a Disco Elysium/The City & The City game??

Thanks for making a really interesting game!

This game rules. I've never really played a tabletop game that felt so strongly like a narrative rogue-like, and I absolutely loved the legacy mechanic, which again, is something I haven't seen in other TTRPGs. I talked about playing it on a podcast, since I have one of those now, but this is a really interesting piece of design and a fun game.

Thanks so much!! That's a big help! 

I've been having some trouble with the Roll20 character sheets recently. My old campaign works, but whenever I try to create a new sheet, it comes out looking like this: 

It could be like a roll20 update that's messing with it or something I'm doing wrong, but let me know if it's not just me.

This looks incredible. I'm extremely excited to play this and love the little differences between this game and blades. You have to visit your stash to take out money from it? Every ship has a Crew by default (because of course it does)? You can play on a Ghost Ship? All amazing and cool things! Really loving the work that went into this!