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Quality openint to an IF, I'm super excited for your next updates!

I'm not the creator, but the guide page is here :

You can read for overall plot guide or each romance option guide. 

yeees starting in s2 it becomes more clear!

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SPOILERS for the answer too 

Wow, thank you!! It means a lot you responded and so quickly. I forgot they could die at all, my first train was leaving them with the sunken spirit already there. This answer makes much more sense and helps a lot. I only did one scene with the knife so that's also the right place to start when I replay today. I'm excited to have another excuse to go through and really, really pay attention to the dialogue foreshadowing and hints. <3

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I was iffy about buying this because Im a broke bitch BUT. I am so sincerely happy I did. I loved replaying for more info. I wanted at first to take the guide for the 'true ending' but I decided not to. Each time I figured something out it was like 'well yes... technically' and then coalesced perfectly into the 'true ending' where the yes's were explained and the technically's made sense and were expanded on and clarified. Of course the art was stunning, the metaphors and consistent lore culture was beautiful, and the game was a treat! 

I am missing 2 events on page 4 (number 3 and 4) and then one letter (the one with the alternate true ending route). I'm not sure what the 2 events are, and I can't seem to trigger the true ending route again to do the alternate version. Any advice? 

Ive read some things through patreon for himxroe and its amazing so i am quite excited to keep reading even if at this exact moment in time i wanted to hit him ahahah

Lmao i literally scrolled down just to say fuck you zillah let me love you or ill kill you >:(

I doomed myself playing this after midnight. brb just sobbing and grinning at the same time the poly route is so cute T_T Also what's up with Chrys, what's he gonna do now that the three of them have started to unravel that past. >->

Thanks for making such a pretty and sweet game. <3

I tried to play on mobile and it was just not possible and confusing the heck out of me, but I'm SO GLAD I got on my computer to play. I really liked it!!

Well I for one really appreciate it and am playing your other projects now <3

I really enjoyed WYC but I have to say this is just a delight so far. I like having the other LIs locked out - makes the playability feel more, which I have made sure to set up with a save page for each possible set up. Can't wait to see how Lot/Mal plays out in particular :D Thanks for putting out so much entertaining material! 

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Not me crying at 1am T_T I was so happy with the freedom ending I got. Thank you for making it that way - I feel these stories always end up heavily on the 'bitter' in 'bittersweet' but this was really beautiful and lifted my spirits.

*EDIT* omg I just realized this was voice acted. I have to go back and replay again with sound! 

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this and how clever the set up is. 

Aw this was a sweet game so far.

I played through all but the Protector's route fully already :o Great game. 

Aaaw I love Oisein! 

Ooo I enjoyed this demo. :)

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I really like the tone you made with this story. :)

Was fun, thank you. :)

Got 2 of the 3 endings and very happy with them. I like the art and the slow build feeling. 

I had a blast playing this.

I. Am. Going. To. Fall. Apart and spend all my waking hours going through this season aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

Soooooo gooooooooooood aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

I really enjoyed playing this <3

What a fun demo. I like you leaned full into the spicyspicy mwuhahaha

gimme gimme moar, gimme moar, gimme gimme moar That was my best Britney Spears impersonation - do I deserve to be eaten now? Please? lmao

Okay I finished and, wow, your twists are wild. Ending 8 I actually gasped and almost cried lmao You did such a great job and it was such a fun way for me to spend a few hours.

I am not done with this game but "I'm sorry you WHAT OSGOODE I WOKE UP FROM FLOWERS TO LEARN WHAT"

this game is great! I don't feel like many people brave the sort of MC you created, but I relate with her impulsive obsessions (in my case I have bipolar disorder) and for the most part her ideas were logical. The sarcasm is fun. The use of piano to tell time is clever. Your choices are just thoughtfully done and I appreciate that!


The use of zoom-ins got me sooo many times. The first use in the bar I was like :O and then I played through my way. On repeat I did a different situation in the bunker and when he jumped into our face again I was like OoO ahaha Love the art style and the ambience it brings to the already interesting text lines!!