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Great game. I liked it

Great horror game. Congrats

thanks so much my friend

I only get two finals. I dont know how to make the second final. Great game

Great game. Congrats

I enjoyed this game. So funny 

So funny 😀

Its a short game so interesting. I dont get to open the door. I was so curiosity about it.

Gostei bastante. Levei uns sustos leves. 

I liked a lot. We feel like we wake up in the midnight to drink water. Scary

Liked it so much

Great game about the scary creepypast about the smilling game

Liked a lot. Congrats

I liked a lot the history. I made the normal final. My unique problem was the moment of black screen. Congrats for the game 

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Congrats. I liked it :)

i enjoyed the game and i thought that i made all the finals. :)

Great game. Congrats

Thanks so much 👍😀

Primary color man ... so scary. Congrats for the game 👍😀

So funny. Liked it

Loved it so much. Thanks a lot 🥰🥰🥰

Great atmosphere. I liked this game

Great video. Congrats

So misterious. Liked a lot. Congrats

Loved it so much. I played the full game from steam. Congrats 😊👍

Fantastic this game. Congrats 😊👍

I liked the idea. Congrats my friend

Sorry my friend. I am from Brazil and i am speak portuguese ;)

Liked so much your game. Congrats.

Congrats my friend. I am waiting the next episode :)

Congrats my friend :)

Congrats my friend :)

Great game. Unfortunatelly i took, i think, the bad final :(

Great game

Good :)

So tense

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I liked a lot the game, but i was taked it all the time sniff sniff

I liked it

I want the continuation