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you beat the game once for 15 and twice for 25 I think


You need to run steam in the background first.

Just the movement, it's hard to turn around when you miss the hit.

You know you can use a virtual machine right?


Very good, it was hard at first but I got the hang of it eventually.


Gud game

There is a configuration file, you can mute all the sounds with it, you can also make or install mods.

You can also close it with task manager but I don't suggest it.

Go search up how to play an itch game.

You right click the folder, then you click rename, and then type the words windows 32 bit.

This game is very good, although the game was super confusing as I had to ask the npcs what the objective is and sometimes I had to figure it out myself, but overall, this game is very good. (Can you also add another ending?)

Yeah, the demo is pretty good.

Also, there is a patreon in the description.

Am confused, isn't this the full game?

All you have to do is to name to folder to windows 32 bit

Hold ctrl or left click


Very gud. ( gud is better than good )

no, i totally refuse to believe that


Just look up how to use itch.

Do you people know how to use itch?

You can, do you even understand how to use itch?

Yes, haha.

But, there's probably still somethings the devs are working on, which means they are busy, which means they can't accept the recommendations yet

Nice game, I beat it in 10 years.

You do know that this game is pretty new still, right?

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I'm not telling you, but if you are new to, you can read some of the other comments and the description to get a good idea on how to start up, quit and play the game.

Well you can find or make a mod that kills the goose.

You were the one who downloaded in the first place.

You can't but you can close it by holding down the esc button.

You clearly have no experience with games

You can also hold down the esc button.

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Dude, good quality games require one million people to make, does Dani have a clone machine or any friends who are good at making games like him?

dani isn't vertified, a true dani fan would know that.

Do I need to have a controller?