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Ever since I got the deck, I've been patiently waiting for the guidebook - excited to dig in now! :)

This is a beautiful little game - admittedly, I found it extremely hard to fumble around the D20 all the time, but at the same time it felt very much on theme with this one. It made me feel a good kind of sad and even led me to write a little poem. Thank you!

This is a challenging yet fun RPG with some very cool worldbuilding you encounter along the way. While it took me a playthrough to really get some mechanics, there is enough replayability to venture in for a second, third, fourth...adventure! I enjoyed the bleak mood of this game and although I'm not usually a glutton for punishment, this made me feel like I was accomplished at the end. Highly recommend!

A simple, yet elegant and intricate little game I have resting next to my work desk at the moment. Finally your shiny rock - excuse me - plant collection sits out for you to enjoy, care for and harvest when the time comes. What a brilliant little idea!

Cheering you on! Hope you can achieve the goal you set yourself for this and also excited to see what you'll come up with. :)

Your little story is so creepy, I can imagine it from just those few words...thank you for sharing! :)

Nothing is more fun than pretending to be a famous play author. The game is effective in giving you the tools to whip up a convincing cast of characters with fitting motives and kickstarting what can turn out to be either an interesting exercise or a fun way to pass the time. I can see myself playing this with friends and then voting on the best play afterwards, too! As a teacher, I also just appreciate the game as a way to playfully learn about the five-act structure. :)

What a harrowing premise...I like the ambivalence of the last statement: Is it something helpful, something terrifying? I guess that's for the players to find out. Very cool entry!

This is an incredibly sweet and heartfelt entry. Very imaginative and beautifully illustrated - with two-player potential (what will happen to those who disturb the dragon, I wonder...).

That's a lovely way to frame it and absolutely true - there's still plenty of people who can just get into play but at least as many if not more who need a little help. :) I think your submission is absolutely wonderful and expresses this...childlike wonder of play that we sometimes forget about. I for one will be a dragon next weekend...

These are all very unique and highgly interactive - I especially think "The Goatman" is very creepy and uses the 12-word rule in an interesting way and format that invites the player to "try" again, no matter how inevitable their fate is. "Raze" is brutal, but reversing the prompt is a great idea to make a devastating game!

I've only had Blorbo the Goblin for a day and a half but...I already feel very protective of them. What a relatable little creature in a delightful outfit.

Haunting little game - the art and to-the-point writing make me shiver just thinking about it.

The writing manages to be so atmospheric in so little words, I also think the layout and design compliment it very well. Your games vary so much, it's interesting to see how you approach different genres!

This still brings a smile to my face. The idea is, once again, so simple but fun and I'm a sucker for puns. I think this would be great in a medium-sized group in-between games or for some variety on a nice evening together.

Super clever mechanics and from design to layout to the beautiful artwork it's so well-thought out from head to toe! Also love the addition of a playlist to set the mood. Definitely going to try this one out, soon.

Thank you, sincerely. I never really know how to deal with praise, but it means a lot!

Who can resist a game that dabbles in tumblr lore AND is, against the funny nature of the original post, extremely terrifying? I adore the loose style of the illustration and the way the instructions flow through the page - it really fits the tone of the game, not too serious but also a little eerie and very recognizable. It just goes to show that good things come out of allowing some "flaws" in your work, at some point they might become your signature. :)

Uhhh, I love that idea to have a little competition or challenge alongside the already resembles a menu so closely (the design is gorgeous, by the way) and then you could roll to see what to start with.

This crams so much lore and story into 12 words that I'm a little flabberghasted. Just by using the specific cryptid name, you know what to do and which map to use, the instructions are crystal clear...honestly, that's quite clever.

Using what you already have and gifting it a new context within a story, connecting items by giving them a shared history - that's such a lovely concept! Having the story on the jar as a little label would be so cute, people can pick them up and have a look themselves... I think this would also make  a very thoughtful gift. Love it <3

As someone who loathes to go outside, this might get me to go for a walk again. A lovely concept and a creative layout go a long way (no pun intended) and I think you hit the nail on the head with this.

Cannot believe you managed to fit this into a poem, ingenious! :D

Ohhh I love this! The layout, the design, the super easy, broken down mechanics - the comic is extra cute as a game manual. All three examples extremely well executed. It's so cool when someone has talent for both writing and art. :)

This is unapologetic, powerful and a celebration of queerness - I think we need art like this these days. Thank you. <3

Even though it seems melancholy at first, I think the loop makes it quite hopeful. Fail or don't - but keep going. A very beautiful sentiment.

Hell, this is such a good idea, easy to understand and put into action. I love the examples and how they were incorporated into the layout. Well done!

Very atmospheric and actually kinda's impressive that this is a game loop, as well. Love the concept!

It's so incredibly hard to figure out an actual system with just 12 words, but I feel that's what's been achieved here. An incredibly simnple and yet impressive feat! Love the design, as well, and would gladly see that 12-word dungeon that goes along with it.

I love how simple the concept is and how versatile at the same time. This would be a great starting point to kick off setting brainstorming or just enjoy a round of quirky story-telling about different worlds. Cool concept!

That's the coolest concept I've ever seen and the way it carries over in the design/layout is *chef's kiss*.

That is going to produce extremely interesting results...might even grow some plants if the crackers have seeds. Very smart submission!

Thank you for your kind words (and your comment on the game page, as well)! Everyone has been really welcoming despite me bumbling about, so hearing that it's actually achieving what I wanted (spreading some joy and a fun time) makes me incredibly happy! Hope you have a great day. <3