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So, what do you think?

Should I make a game? Should I make a team? Or is there any volunteering teams brave enough to have me and my kit join?

If I make the team myself, some stuff will be added to the earlier post.

1. Any resources in the game may be included in the kit with the kit's official terms. You will get credits in the kit, should this happen.
2. Not only the head developer will be put to test, but every single member of the team will be scrutinized.
3. Indie teams are unofficially up to 5 members, so will a team I make have.
4. Game will be paid. After publishing  & advertising expenses, all team members will get paid an equal proportion.
5. The game will be good, even if it takes for one more month or two to be released.
6. The game must be advertised while it's under development and for some time after release. I don't have much knowledge on how to do this.

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The advantages for such said team, would be:

1. Trying the kit while it's on development.

2. Each member gets one individual key for it, for the full version of the kit on release of the kit or the game

3. If the game works well, the chances to work together again in another project, making them capable of building some saga.

4. They will also have direct contact with me while in development, so I'll get their feedback and customizations to the kit and some open source or higher codes.

5. I'll also be able to make some custom plugins for the team, besides the kit itself.

Now, as for the difficulties of having me in the team:

1. RPG Maker games are extremely underrated, because all things are quite "defaultish", so I won't accept "just another" rpg maker game, I must consider there will be real quality, and that it keeps growing properly through the development. I don't care if it takes for a long time.

2. The level designer or head developer, will have to show me they do know their way around RPG Maker MZ, by showing me some stuff they made, even if it was on previous PC iterations of RPG Maker.

3. My most important benefit from the agreement, would be advertising. The kit must be important in the game. If it's not a free game, I'll ask for a bit of economic compensation in proportion to sales, but, the main requisite is to have, not only me, but rather the kit, announced in the credits. Yes, this implies there must be a credits scene. I can make it if you need.

4. I cannot read nor modify closed source code, I can veto such plugins from the project.

5. I'm not good with visual plugins, too much redundancy in the code to make them run properly, these will take for long to be done.

I'm considering a game based of this, so I can put myself better on the needs of the users. This will make me quite more clear my current and future goals, and possible future add-ons for this kit of plugins.

If I do this, I do really need help. No, I don't mean the scripting or pluging making part, but the actual workings of the game, resources level editing... and so on.

I'm considering this so much that I might actually let some team to become an "official team", for this goal, as long as we agree to some terms. I'd be basically their head scripter, but story, characters, plot, and all the rest would be all on their own. The monetization model (even if it's free), would depend on them. I can also help with story and characterization, or properly exporting to mobile, if it was required, but I don't want the proper role.

I consider three options:

- Stay as I am
- Interview volunteer teams to work with
- Make my own team

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Honestly, I use most of them, but I only tested it on the 1.0.1 version of MV. The lastest in this site for the plugin.

Still, if instead of launching it from rpg maker I set it on htdocs and play it from there, the console says the same and the game goes alike.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token => [PROJECT'S PATH]/js/plugins/FELSKI_TECHTREE.js:4422

Past that crash, for example the demo, works just like vanilla MV with Yanfly's plugins.