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My Dark Desire

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[Stand User]: Tomoyuki Tanaka

[Stand Name]: Fantastic Plastic Mashine

[Namesake]: The stage name of japanese musician and DJ Tomoyuki Tanaka - Fantastic Plastic Mashine

[Power]: A

[Speed]: B

[Range]: C

[Durability]: B

[Precision]: C

[Potential]: E

[Appearance]: Fantastic Plastic Machine is a wearable suit stand of white colour with aerodynamic helmet resembling those of jet pilots and shark-fin-like formations on it's back(two, slightly on the sides), arms and legs. It's covered in black discs on it's forearms, wrists, hips and ankles spinning when it`s second ability is in action.


[Volume Adjustment]: Allows user to adjust body volume to surroundings and separate objects. For example, using it's power while falling onto the ground will make users body plain.

[Pressurized Air]: FPM can consume air from the atmosphere to then release it as a powerful burst of compressed air to either travel or attack.

[User's Catch Phrase]: "Why not?"