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it ended up working, though im not sure how, and its pretty funny hahaha, i love the voices for everything and everything

i really wanna play this :( but everytime i try downloading and opening it, it just goes to a black screen. i have to exit, and then the norton security thing on my laptop deletes and takes the app away :(

thinking this way comes from a place of privilege :) also try to refrain from using the r-slur 

i liked it, it made me sad of the realities. it took awhile to get all the endings since the rerolling was a bit of chance

this looks so cute ahhh

this hurt me but i love it jdfnkjdnfakj

i just played this with my friends and it was the cutest game ever. the concept, the art, the characters, YES. we got hardstuck on the ghost djknfsdkjf it was PAINFUL. we literally spent 15-20 min on it lolol we felt so stupid. anyway, this was such an amazing game ahhhhhhhhh thank you

my friend and i just played this together (aka reading through it together while streaming on discord lol) and JNSDKJSAD WE LOVE IT SO MUCH PLEASE AND THE CHARACTERS WERE CHEFS KISS THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING SDKJFNDJSK all the characters are lovely and the plot was amazing and the artwork is just YES!!!! its HBSDJFKNSDJKFNSD SO GOOD. i just. yes. sadly i couldn't hear any of the voices for some reason so :(

i wasn't expecting that at all omg im so happy TAT

this was lovely TAT i didn't expect the ending. i'm guessing that mugi is probably ace and/or aro? i wasn't expecting this at all. as an ace/aro, this really made me feel extra soft. i absolutely love your games, and i love this one too. the playthrough was super super cute, and the 8bit is adorable! thank you for this, and thank you.

this game is so cute TAT and the story GAH it was lovely

this game was so lovely, thank you

this game is so funny jsdnfkjdsf i love it

its super cute! i definitely had issues opening it up like some other comments. i definitely wish there was an infinite mode and you could just play freely, no worries. thatd be fun

this is literally the cutest game ever please i love this i haven't even gone through it all yet but i would die for this game and the characters and also u, creator