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Do you mean game engine? We used Adventure Game Studio!

wow I actually didn't think anyone had the patience to sit through and play this haha. Thanks for playing and I'm glad it was soft and tender :D

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! It's great to hear that our game affected your mood positively! <3

Thank you for playing!

Hi! Thanks for playing. We don't have any plans of putting an additional level right now, but we've talked about working on making the controls easier to understand. :)

I'm sorry that the splitting of movement and acceleration was confusing. It's definitely an issue we're aware of--people are often stumped in the beginning because the controls are pretty unconventional. It's an issue that we could've easily avoided with a few playtests but that's hard to do during a game jam haha. Thank you for persevering and playing anyway though!!

Wow, this is high praise! Both Tim and I appreciate(d) this comment and your feature a lot. Thank you so much! 

That was a really cute playthrough! Sorry about the confusing controls and last hugging sequence haha. Thank you for playing!!


Thank you for playing it!! <3


Thank you so, so much for this comment. It means a lot to me that you've played this multiple times, thought back to it more than once, and actually took your time to leave this comment even months after playing it.

I didn't expect people to relate to Ivory a lot in his "asshole" moments--I was nervous about having players choose from his perspective. So, the feeling you describe about how you don't relate to Ivory's personality but still feel for him is something I set out to accomplish. I'm really happy that it came across, and that you were able to feel things that are difficult to describe.

On a side note, Ivory and Min are two characters that I make vignettes (of varying medium) with frequently. Right now they're part of a comic-game project! Hopefully you'll get to see them again. :)

thanks hang :^)

Thank you!! Makes me wonder whose screen it was haha, it might've also been skippyskippy's :)

and this is the cutest comment I've received!! Thank you so much!!

Thank you!! I'd love to work on the complete version and will think of your offer when the time comes!!

Whoa, thank you! It was meant to be longer but it was a one-week prototype for class, I had to move on/cut a lot of stuff out unfortunately :( I hope to make a longer game from it later to meet those expectations.

Ahh I see! That makes sense. Thank you for the feedback :)

oh - that was actually intentional haha. I wanted the player to be "warned" within the first conversation nodes, which meant kind of dumping them straight into unfamiliar controls. Perhaps in the next iterations though I could work on easing into the scenario more so it feels less abrupt/accidental and more curious.

Reading is pretty hard :( Thank you for playing and cheering on Yun!

thank you!!

thank you for liking it!!

thank you!

Thank you! I'm hoping to do something of the sort in the future going forward with this prototype. :)

Hi! The Windows version will be out this weekend after bunch of fixes for the current bugs! :)