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*fiuuu* Thanks for the reply!

*pinching my nose* It seems you did not read all the post: my PC is already asking me all the time I start it if I want to uninstall Flashplaye. I fear that next time I will make a Windows Upgrade, it will be forcibly uninstalled. And then what?

Currently the game use Flashplayer. What happens when the engine stops from working and/or is uninstalled by a software upgrade (because Flashplayer's upgrade have been discontinued and PCs are starting to ask to uninstall it)?

False alarm, it seems Firefox put an arbitrary pop-up blockage. Removed it, been able to download everything.

Download does not start.

Finished the Sayori Alter path... did not expect said Alter to have yandere tendencies. Goodspeed Kyou, your sacrifice will not be in vain.

I understand your pain (Middle and High School with high usage of pen-and-paper homework and note-taking. Second year in Middle School our math teacher made us basically copy the whole textbook, and my wrist remember).

Isekai? Uh, intersting! 

A little suggestion: could it be possible to add bickering between the Isekai MC and the Narrator, a-la Cthulhu Saves The World? For the combined lulz of us player, of course...

Don't know: I only use the PC, I do not manage it on said details.

Found the same bug, right after the second "Lily Interlude". I think it is also the same problem that caused my copy of the game three crashes before I was able to get to the end of said interlude...

Extracting does work.

It is when I try to start the game that Windows 10 give me the the looooooooovely message of "This program is not compatible, plase contact the provider".

It says to me that it does not work with Windows and to contact the provider.

Many thanks from me too. 

I find the idea of a "Mommosu Raising Game" intersting, and to be frank your is the first one I found that did use monstergirls arts and not "badly photoshopped anime/game arts from other games/VNs/animes".

The idea in general is good, the images are cute and the mechanics (the ones I can use at least) equally so.

It is the absence of a save button option that hamper any progress in the gameplay.

Sooo... this is why I try the game but can't make progresses (because there is no save button)?

Because the game has been cancelled?