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Hi ! I played your game last summer and it moved me a lot. It was a lovely lyrical break each day, as I struggled with the things I had to do at home. I'm french and I think a translation may interest some people. I would be more than happy to translate it, if you are interested. I wondered is there were means to contact you, as your twitter account seems to have been deleted or your tag changed. Feel free to contact me on mine : @Muzett_

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First, I wanted to say I do not often play to the games I get on What I like the most is often the simple suggestion of the stories it may give birth to, and I'll Carry You To Mordor does that job quite well, from the mere title I find incredible. However we played a game yesterday and that was a good moment. We played without dice, with a freeform larp vibe, including hugs and a lot of significant silences.

We played in a lovecraftian setting : Lilac Elderberry (a librarian, maybe ? or a scientist) and Marie Boulanger (a baker) crossed a portal and were walking for day in an endless lowland where there were neither things to see nor things to hear, except each other. We spoke a lot about hope and love, but not so much about what was awaiting us. We asked a lot of Big Questions, and our little questions were most of the time replaced by silences.

About the way it is written, explanations were clear, and examples very useful. We feared a little that if we chose a medfan setting, the game would transform itself in a re-creation of Sam and Frodo's journey, which we didn't want to do, but it was finally quite easy by choosing another setting.

Next time I'd like to try the dice rules, as they may give the game a surprising and pleasant turn.

Thank you a lot for this game, we enjoyed it a lot.

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Ma petite libraire maladroite s'est étalée de tout son long avec des cartons de livres plein les bras, pile au moment où son ancienne et merveilleuse prof de littérature passait devant la vitrine de la librairie. Après mains remerciements pour son aide et mains rougissements, elle l'invite à boire un verre chez elle pour la remercier. Et là, patatras, vilain dégât des eaux pile au moment où il allait peut-être enfin se passer quelque chose... Heureusement la prof règle les choses en un tournemain et elles finissent la soirée au restau.

Ça m'a beaucoup plu en tout cas, je rejouerai =)

Du coup mes joueuses ont trouvé ça très cool. Elles disent qu'utiliser le langage gobelin ("moi faire ça") est un vrai plus pour garder le rythme, et que ça pourrait même être intéressant de faire un tuto "parler gobelin" pour avoir le réflexe de le faire tout du long. Bref, ça s'est super bien passé !

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Aha trop contente qu'il soit sorti, je vais le faire jouer dans la semaine et je te fais un retour !