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yes! yes! yes! dreadelion leads the way in porn that needs to exist more. this is incredibly horny, hot, and i am beyond extatic to see my own body depicted as horny and hot. good god this is sexy. read it 

i really appreciate your comment, thank you so much ... i also love mess <3 i think its so lovely to also hear of the wide spectrum of trans experiences, id love to see zines about the experiences and perceptions of everyones own bodies from every kind of person. maximal medical transition is a really cool term, haha. it really is so difficult to balance the cherishing of your own self and then the aspect of bodymodification. its a lot to think about ... thank you again for sharing your thoughts

thank you for commenting ... glad to have created something that resonates. what you´re saying sounds so familiar. i was recently nearly barechested in cis company and it was a very different experience from what i described in this zine, and made my feelings sway in a very different direction once more. its so strange to be dependant on where you are on whether or not you feel comfortable.

thank you so much <3333

hey this is very cool, i love to know this tool exists. i linked this to a friend who said they cant unfortunately use this because the bright colours and gifs in the software are migraine triggers. if there is ever a simplified version, ill be sure to link that forward.

otava is a phenomenon, get into it

i adored this thank you 

me and my friends played this and you should know that our tarpit HATED blood and bits of human but absolutely loved ancient memes printed on old printer paper. this is a really cool system, i hope you make more pen and paper games in the future