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Really nice game, love the style.

Really nice game. 

PS Just catch a bug, failed spawning unit as the start move at the round and all the enemies start moving right. Next succesfull spawn fix the issue.

Thanks, you too)

Thanks. Just do not have enough experience and time to add all the sound, I wanted(

PS That`s the flare)

I just got ripped of all the part of the guy)))

Yeah, that`s because you are loosing your gems in process)

Just got the time to remember the pixelart skills, glad you like it.


Really nice idea and realization!

Nice moment at the end, when you shoot yourself)


Yeah, does not have enough time to find sounds and music( And the tutorial level( Joined Jam late on the week...

Really nice concept and finished game.

Hahaha))) I was doing the same. Just placing the mouse other way)

Thanks, again)

Yeah, the delay was caused due to the lag I set for the detection, if it is tap or hold)

Thanks) Really like if at least someone enjoy the second phase)


Do not had enough time to finish all the ideas, only for the main core(

Great finished game. 

Fun game. Like pixel art and sound effects.

I really like the concept of using buttons like slots for actions)

Nice concept. Easy and simple.

Really like the visual side of the game and gamplay concept. Also the input using 2 buttons is really nice)