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Mutated Scott

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Fun twist on a bullet hell and a good theme match. Was a bit proud of my 290 score :D

I had a fun romp around Ashbound. At some point it glitched out a bit and I stopped taking damage... but I'm not ashamed to admit that helped me out a bunch. The crouching wall jumps felt a bit awkward, but the art was sublime and I enjoyed the level design. Thanks for sharing :D

This was a lot of fun and with great writing at that! Nicely done :D

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I had a good time with Stupor Soaker. The game design is simple yet fulfilling. It's an enjoyable juggle of mechanics. Well done.

Very kind of you to say. Thanks :D

Sorry about that. We did the classic dev thing where we used the latest build of our engine for the first time with this jam and ran into some issues with the web build. Still working on it as life allows though :D

On the topic of the color palette, we found it on Which is a really awesome resource for trying to pull off a look like this. Fair warning, you can lose hours of your life just flipping through all the beautiful color palettes.

Wow! This is great. Lots of good nostalgic vibes here and it ran perfectly for me.

@NinjasSciborg I didn't see a way to get to 1080p, perhaps the youtuber upsacled the video?

Really great vibe! Liked all the names and the controls. Wasn't able to use the exit button on Windows, but that's no big issue :)

I scored a respectable 470