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I'm still seeking a medical consultant for the game.

Yay! Thanks for including our game!

The game is still in development! I'm looking for doctors who can help me which is why I have the page up to reach out to people who are interested in helping!

Very cool! I like the style and color choices! Did you use your own engine for this or something else?

Cool stuff guys! Even though I thought my original idea was in-scope my ambitions definitely got the best of me and I still have a lot of work to do! I won't be able to submit something, but I'm still really happy to keep working on this game! Good luck to everyone and I'm excited to play all the games!

Hey all you lovely, horny humans!

It's getting real close to the end of this jam and I know everyone has been trying their best! Let's all cheerlead each other!

Whether you finish something, learned a bunch, thought about a bunch of horny ideas or play cool peoples horny games it's all good!

Be proud of yourself for being involved in something that celebrates sex :D

I've not had as much time to work on this as I would have liked and I still made a lot of good progress, started learning a new engine, and got to think about how awesome sensuality and masturbation is a lot which is pretty fucking great!

I'm hoping to put out at least a demo/Super Pre-Alpha of what I've been working on so far!

Here's a WIP, with fucktons of placeholders, (I'm working on a custom tile set) figuring out using pictures and changing the characters clothes!

I want to see other people's WIPs too! I need the motivation (and I'm nosy and curious)!

Good luck everyone and I believe in you <3

P.S. Thanks to everyone who made this jam happen. It's reallllllllll great. The world needs more horny games!

Very excited because I also watch the horrifying/facinating/torture-simulator Bachelor series and anything that is referencing that will be awesome :D Good luckkkkkk <3

Thank you! I strive for cuteness <3

Thanks soooooo much <3

This is totally hilarious! Super clever writing! I love how you used the room transitions to reveal the bus interior, good idea!