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this is lovely thanks you :)

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You are right, my tone was harsh. I edited my comment. 

You have to keep in mind that when I wrote that comment, I just had spent 5$ on this tasks organizer that advertised itself as having Linux support and that ended up not working, while, for example, Getting Things GNOME not only works flawlessly on Linux, but is it also free of price and free as in freedom. I felt a little scammed, and I did not want someone else to buy it and be in my situation until the devs fixes it. (Last time the devs updated this is back in 2021 btw)

But you are right, it should not have influenced my tone, and I'm sorry to the devs and anyone else I offended.

My distibution is Fedora.

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Nope. I don't use that launcher. I tried opening the AppImage from Nautilus (the file manager) and directly from the terminal. Both times, the app did not have functional drag and drop with files dragged from Nautilus (the file manager).

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Using Linux and I can't drag and drop things into the app. It just doesn't work. Might be a Wayland issue.

Not being able to drag and drop mean I can't see the tutorial, nor able to replace the light theme, which ends up making this app unusable for me. If it had a settings page or a config file, this would not be a problem.

If you are on Linux, keep this in mind before buying.

You should try turning your firewall off on Windows. That made it work for me. Of course, turn it back on right after. The best would be to make an allow-rule in the firewall to allow froggychat.  

Minor issue, every time I leave and rejoin a room it adds up the amount of people in the room. It's like it never decreases the number when you leave a room.

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Another issue, the built-in keyboard is too small to type with on my phone. Even with a stylus. Could we have a UI scale just like the PC version? My phone has a 1440p screen, but so does most phone nowadays. Another way to do this would be to be able to use the Android keyboard of your liking. 

Hey, I had to turn off my firewall for it to work on Windows. Can you please tell me what ports it uses so that I can make an allow-rule?

Yes please do! And how many levels are there so far? I would be love to pay for this if it has a good amount of levels.

but wit PORTALS!!!

i luv rush hour :D

Wow! That's so generous! This is the first time I see a dev do this :D

I will be sending in an email.

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Hey, I played it, and it gave me this error after like a minute of playing:

Unhandled Exception: Encompass.Exceptions.IllegalWriteException: Engine BombEngine tried to add undeclared Component DestroyComponent
   at Encompass.Engine.AddComponent[TComponent](Entity& entity, TComponent& component)
   at Anathema.Engines.BombEngine.Update(Double dt)
   at Encompass.World.Update(Double dt)
   at MoonWorks.Game.Run()
   at Anathema.Program.Main(String[] args)

Hopefully this can help fix bugs! :)

simple but very fun game, reminded me of wii tanks.