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lol nice

how long did you survive?

looks cool

Rusty Blade community · Created a new topic nice one!

what i liked about this one:
+ the sounds
+ you can pet your dog <3
+ you can kill your dog, because it tells a story about life, that we can all kill our dog (deep stuff)
+ its art

thanks for this little emotional rollercoaster

amazing controls. sweet and funny comments from drivers :)

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thanks for the feedback.
1. Did you play on web? Because performance is way better on PC.
2. gigantic zombies: There is a 5% chance for a zombie to get gigantic. there are also 3 bosses. When did the zombies start flying? Try the pc version, i am sure you can manage to survive 200+ seconds. :)

3. too dense foliage: there is a road on the ground. Just follow that, you will soon be in an area with much lower tree density :)

interesting visuals! and nice physics! :)
bin Manuel aus der telegram gruppe^^

great page and game ;)

starting a company? when you finished the paperwork i would like to power up your workforce. would love to support u.


- controls on PC suck

- hardcore. after 2 minutes in the race, you can die because you hit some boulder.

+ amazing visual experience

+ amazing atmosphere

+ great game for 1 indie