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Our new youtube:

gameplay 1/10
visuals 10/10

no. i didnt see that there are platforms on the left ._. ups. can u make them more visible?

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pressing x/e in front of ui  does not work

super cool idea. game is too hard, offence feels lackluster. cool blackhole effect!

super cool idea. game is too hard, offence feels lackluster. cool blackhole effect!

great game my friend!

cool game mechanics and unique look!

cool pack! good luck my gamejam friend!

works with the valve index and knuckles input?

want to create cards?

great game. played to mission 8

gets too easy at wave 100

got 83/52 towers. and multiplayer can be lobby based. i dont want to input an ip.

our discord:

minimal racing game that brings me back to my childhood haha. u even added changing weather conditions!

stellaris clone with worse combat system?

lol nice

what is your record?

how long did you survive?

looks cool

Rusty Blade community · Created a new topic nice one!

what i liked about this one:
+ the sounds
+ you can pet your dog <3
+ you can kill your dog, because it tells a story about life, that we can all kill our dog (deep stuff)
+ its art

thanks for this little emotional rollercoaster

amazing controls. sweet and funny comments from drivers :)

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thanks for the feedback.
1. Did you play on web? Because performance is way better on PC.
2. gigantic zombies: There is a 5% chance for a zombie to get gigantic. there are also 3 bosses. When did the zombies start flying? Try the pc version, i am sure you can manage to survive 200+ seconds. :)

3. too dense foliage: there is a road on the ground. Just follow that, you will soon be in an area with much lower tree density :)

interesting visuals! and nice physics! :)
bin Manuel aus der telegram gruppe^^

great page and game ;)

starting a company? when you finished the paperwork i would like to power up your workforce. would love to support u.


- controls on PC suck

- hardcore. after 2 minutes in the race, you can die because you hit some boulder.

+ amazing visual experience

+ amazing atmosphere

+ great game for 1 indie