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What a great game, with nice music and simple design. I like it!

I finished with 3 bad stats, was too close to fail ahah :D

I like the idea, that some yolo things could be fun, but still most of these ideas are crazy shit. Good game!

Thanks :)

I'm going to improve this mechanic after voting.

Art - 5/5, what can I say :D

Great game! Also, the game reminds me a menu from the game Sludge life

Thank you for your feedback :3

Nice :3

The concept of the game is really interesting. Music and art really compliment the gameplay, great game!

Ha ha, funny :D
I don't know what he says when the player dies, but sounds epic! Also, i like your art

Sorry, but I couldn't run the game. Windows says it unsafe and blocks it

That was really nice game. The music is so meditative, I like it <3

Interesting idea, I like variations of the endings in your game!

Hello, how can I play the game?

Hey, great game! And super funny :D
I really like the music and sound (especially near save points). 

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Yeah, after voting we want to correct or update some parts of the game. And now the interface will be one of the mandatory :)

Thanks for your comment!

Agree, the interface is not polished. The artists created more images for it, but I didn't manage to add them :D