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What makes this game so unique is in its ability to manipulate the player. The fact that the beginning and end do not exist strategically like bookends, the fact that it first appears on screen in the oddest way possible, the fact that the story is in and of itself void of an objective truth are it's strengths. In my personal opinion, there is nothing wrong with confusing the audience a bit. It was so striking to see the “pieces” begin to form on screen, as it went on and the story completely unfolded it’s only natural to search for more, but you eventually do reach the conclusion that the game has already given you everything you need and everything you can get. Not having a “hard end” may not be an issue at all. It being a short game-play wasn’t bad either; if anything, I think that the continuation of this project could be through multiple stories rather than the evolvement of this specific one. Imagine a collection of manipulative arcs with similar visual effects, even borrowing classic tales and showcasing the multiple different perspectives from them.

All in all, I think you did Kurosawa justice here. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors!

I'm absolutely blown away!!!

Visually stunning. Simplistic in the best possible way. Not too difficult to solve, but it does take some effort, which was enjoyable!

Cinematic more than anything, you could come up with so many stories for what's going on here.

Oh I'm going to be thinking about this long after I've played it. Beautiful work!

Mmhmm exactly

Stickers would be amazing! Ever consider making merch? Maybe something like a Worf hoodie? Something to think about. . . 

Best of luck with the upcoming project!

Absolutely adorable art style, too cute to handle. The controls and items drop list were really nice  as well. Deserves a greater expansion of the story, however. If there is one that is. 

Shook to the core with the idea that painful memories are a necessary evil we must accept with totality. 

I don't think I've experienced any form of media, ever, that echos the feelings of my time in high school and onward. Here's to our growth. Feel the need to thanks everyone involved in this, it's truly a gem of an experience. 

Just sent this to my friend, I know they'll enjoy it. I think that's what this is all about no?