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hewwo good job

beautiful comic! im not sure if she was supposed to read as lesbian or Asexual, but this reimagining really made me want to read what happens next.

I'm so ready for this!!!

Great Job! this game was great! super cute! the only semi-critical thing  that went through my mind is that the climax and ending felt a bit fast, but that  could just be taste! super cute kiddos learning to be friends!

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OH???MY GOSH??? THIS IS?? SO TENDER?!? Like some of Peri's lines and thought processes just??? Hit me directly in the heart? And Pastille struggling with and having nerves about coming out??? Like rip my heart out my chest why don't you??? How did you echo exactly how I feel in those situations??? The super nervous but also tired of running in circles about it!? That's such a relatable feeling!  Amazing writing as always <3!!! And I love this ever expanding universe of characters and magic that you've created-- especially the small touches like the magic stoves and stuff-- really makes the world feel alive! side note: it was really nice seeing Syrup and Gumdrop again, even if only for a second :3 they were my first of your games and will always have a special place in my heart <3 excited for Syrup 2, whenever it comes out. AND THE STEAMY SCENES OH HO HO! you did a great job with the Spice TM. Amazing work all around, your love for these characters really comes through! and now I, too, Love These Bois<3 :D Thank you for this game!

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HECK YEAH!!! I'm ready to suffer

I second the mac accessibility! I want to throw money at this game /and/ play it! it looks so cute!

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I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! This is my favorite visual novel, from the characters, to the art, to the soundtrack it all just feels like a nice, warm hug! And as someone who lived in the area described in this game, it feels very nostalgic and comforting! <3 The characters involved remind me of my actual friend groups in high school: A bunch of gay asian girls messing around with memes. <3

P.S. Don't know if the merch is still available, but can confirm, Min's Jacket looks just as cool irl.