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Would it be possible to get subtitles on the game?

Really fun game and i enjoy the 90s vibes. The soundtrack rules btw. Is there somewhere i can buy it?

ah, i may buy it just for subtitles alone. i couldn't understand the man on the phone when i played it.

The original game is a wonderful, if disturbing experience, I can't wait for this version.

Is there somewhere to download the soundtrack?

A cute-looking game, I am curious if a full version is still in the works. I would rather play once the full version is out (I got this in last summer's BLM bundle). I'll be keeping my eye on this

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Great game so far although it IS very buggy. I've had to restart twice now because of saved files not loading when I started up, the game froze in the forest area as well. The camera was difficult to figure out but I eventually figured it out.

Still, it is a good game. Check it out if you like things like Lain or Twin Peaks. There is a lot of love in the game.

i can’t wait. The demo really impressed me. Take all the time you need and i’ll be following closely

I haven't played the game yet but thought I should let you guys know the store link does not work.

I would like to second this. GREAT game but *that* scene was... egh.

I loved it. Was a little hesitant at first due to similarities to PT but this game is definitely its own thing and I look forward to the finished project. And nice Twin Peaks reference too.

Really enjoying the demo, the Rare-esque visuals and music are amazing. Not so fond of not knowing what I'm supposed to do when the ghost starts chasing me-still looking forward to the full version

Very cool FNAF-esque game with an intriguing and original concept
Haven't beaten it yet cuz horror games make me anxious but hopefully i will soon

Originally played this on phone, even better on PC. Nice OST too. 

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Shockingly fun, love the old-school PC game style. My only complaint is i hate having to search for the password-protected doors after finding the password.

eta: another problem is i keep having issues with not being able to beat the final (?) boss, because sometimes the game freezes on "just try backspacing".

I love retro-style horror games. But one thing I wished was that more would emulate N64 style visuals. For some reason, I think that era of graphics is very creepy. Plenty of games mimic Resident Evil and Silent Hill's PS1 style graphics to great effect but this is the first one I saw that did N64 and it's VERY unsettling. The story is great, too. 
Side note: There are no jumpscares but there is body horror.

Wonderful little dating sim with a great, emotional story and characters. Gavin and Percy are definitely best boys. It's not often I can find bigger men in these sorts of games. Soundtrack kicks ass too.

Easily one of the best horror games I've played on Itch. It manages to be really scary without jumpscares, and the puzzles are good, not too hard. There are a lot of interesting things to find. Definitely play it if you like horror games.

I'm enjoying this a lot so far. Is there any way to buy the OST separately? It's lovely. 

I got this game in the BLM bundle and beat all the routes today. It's a great VN with amazing art and characters and  there's a Vocaloid song in it! I wish I could buy posters or pins of the characters because they're so great.

This game impressed me! I love "found phone" games. Most found phone games are horror games, but fear not because this is not one. It tells a great LGBTQ+ story with a great ending. Oh, and the art and music are awesome. Can we buy the soundtrack somewhere?

I'm currently on Chapter 5 and I love this game. Out of curiosity I got it from the BLM bundle and would like to know if I got the art book and soundtrack and all that good stuff. I can't wait to beat it. Also is there any merch or plans? I need pins of the characters... lol 

Very unnerving and fun exploration horror games, and there aren't really any jumpscares which is always good. 

My only complaint is that it crashes a lot. I would like to play again sometime and see if I can find anything I didn't find the first time

A nice way to spend thirty minutes. The narrative had me intrigued, and i liked clearing away the moss and stuff-felt kinda gratifying. My only recommendation is maybe just a little bit more backstory, although one can also kind of fill in the blanks using what's given. A good game for when I'm feeling down (it DOES have a good ending)

That's the one, and it's an awesome movie, and great for anyone who loves art

Fun and really difficult. Can be frustrating but feels really rewarding to get further and further. I recommend it

I'm so excited for the full game. Critters For Sale is weird and bizarre. It also manages to be funny and disturbing at the same time. 

I love these art games. I haven't picked a favorite yet but this one is a strong contender. These games make me think of the very underrated movie 'The Painting' and they're just beautiful.

I've played a lot of awesome games on itch and this one is my favorite, probably also the one I've invested the most time in. I felt really accomplished after maxing out all my stats. Hopefully in the future there is more to collect after maxing out stats and even more stuff to explore. I always anticipate the next update. Great job fishlica. 

PS: any way we can keep our weapons when we drive the car? 

Super fun atmospheric horror game, there weren't really any jump scares and it managed to be terrifying just on visuals and atmosphere.

This really wasn't that good

Game spells out the moral for you after only one playthrough (despite multiple endings) and the moral written out doesn't seem in tune with what's actually in the gameplay

ngl i get the distinct impression the dev doesn't have a whole lot of friends who aren't white guys

An enjoyable game, although I'm stuck on the rock-pushing puzzle now, I think there's a mechanic I'm not noticing or something

Makes me think of WarioWare, I love it

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Enjoyed this quite a bit, had some good scares without using jumpscares. Just one question, what's the meaning of the QR code? It was cool to include that, but I'm not very good at figuring this kind of stuff out. 

Still, I enjoyed it a lot.

Great scary game. Only suggestion: I spent a long time trying to get the key before realizing what I had to do, so a small tip might be good.

Love the game, great fun and scary. I would like to see more added, maybe more minigames on the comp or more books to read

Can you send me a download to

Great game. I even played it multiple times. The characters are fun and I really loved them-I hope you do a sequel or an expanded version of the game in the future. I wonder what the ending means...