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oh it's your local mushroom

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yo, gimme y'alls characters I wanna draw somethin (if I don't get to them I'm sorry!!)

bro oranges don't exist don't worry about it

Oh, okay Vance. Flim is doing good, I haven't drawn him in a while tho!!!

hi Angry!!! how's it going?

yo what up it's me, formerly known as Em Is Trying (older comment ppl may know me, I wasn't that important so idc if ya don't), I now go by Eric and may or may no be a part of a system (I have no idea please help)

(image unrelated it's just a character I have, the colors are muddy I know, idk how to fix it :(( )

Spell check and commas would be great here

I don't wanna sound like a boomer and make this a call out post but y'all don't know how to rp


*she looked up* "o no"


Sam: *looks up* "o no"

if you're being cringey do it right >:(

(the post was made by the "Em, go to bed, it's 3am" club )

That one man form Hazbin Hotel, Angeldust I think???? (I don't watch it)

(1 edit)

Ight so I wanna draw some of you guys' ocs!

-There are only head shots

- No fan characters/characters that aren't your's

- One character per person

- Must have a ref, or I have no idea what to draw

Slots for drawings:





only true MGM og's remember this god

Before I slowly back out of this hell I'd like to share some art that I made

*gun* Yeet, why haven't you looked at the google hangouts group chat

*me walking back into MGM and then slowly backing out*

Wholesome endy content is what I need, thank you. 

I made remade a drawing i made a few days ago ( based after the song No Eyed Girl )

at first i though thing was about me being an annoying heck and then i read the name of the subject

spam force replier >:)

with the power of having a cool ghost and this drawing i made in 1 minute i am a police chef

wELcome to Em only does s**tposts now i guess 


* gun * chef spam police here to yell at you to stop

* Me and my ghost feel like a vending machine when it gets a wrinkled dollar bill when we get complements * 

* we say that that we are honored but no *

Y E s

* my ghost and me must disagree that we are cool *


* my ghost watching people be annoying and spam *

Ight idk who needs this but:

don't spam the comments, if you need to say something about you're post reply or edit it it's clutterd and annoying people do that

Look for things to do and don't just ask for them ( it adds up and spams the comments!!!!!!! )

We aren't TRYING to be rude

w a c k

you think i know anime characters birth days

It's Charlie and thank you :>

I gave up when i did the line art

broski this boi smaller then me

Yes, you do

n i c e


thank you :>

it's 420


Fellow enby child