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Glad you like it~

I can't confirm that it works, never used it, so I don't officially recommend using it. But I've heard of Joiplay before.
I hope it works!

(For info, I will post an official Android version in a few weeks which will be more adapted to the new format, the text will be a little bigger, the Settings more accessible, that sort of thing. At that time I will delete our comments if you don't mind.)

Thanks for the news by the way~

Thanks for your review!

Browser version is available on NG ^^

This is the first time I've heard of it. Have you tried to launch the game again?

Yes, chapter 2 is a different story. Actually I should have called it "Episode 2"

I don't know this app, but yes it is made with RenPy

Yes to both questions

I answered this question below: 
I will release an Android version of the game in a few months!
But for now you can try it on PC or Mac.

Thank you for the info, I think I have solved the problem for now.


It seems to be working fine.

Thanks for the info, I contacted support

Sort of.
It's not really animated, but the scenes are lively and sexy.

I will release an Android version of the game in a few months!
But for now you can try it on PC or Mac.

I'm saying it again just in case you didn't  read it: "Roommate" contains NTR but it can be avoided according to your choices.

It took a long time to make this game, it was prepared over a year ago and I would like as much support as possible to continue making games that you might like.

Anyway, thank you for playing! Please enjoy! ♥

Choose Yumi -> Calm him down -> What do you want in exchange -> I can do it -> Go on -> On the face

Glad you liked it! ^^

Glad you like it! ^^

nothing is better than hiding under a nice warm duvet

when the game is complete

glad you like it! ^^

I'm thinking about it.
I'm going to need to do a lot of modifications to make the game suitable for the Android format, so I'll definitely see that when the game is complete!

I'll say it's a long break and I'll work on this game later.

I'm working on my other games right now

Glad you like it! ^^

scene 4 last 3: Choose Yumi, Bite him > a spank > my a is yours

I don't understand your question.
Can't you see them? it's in the file

New version is out now, please enjoy!

You must choose Yumi as a character: Calm him down > What do you want in exchange? > I can do it > Go on > On the face
This sequence is exclusive by choosing Yumi, it is when he cums on her face while holding her by the hair.
Thanks for playing ♥♥

I hope you have enjoyed it!

I played RE7 to figure out the reference and yes, Marguerite can be unnerving. (Sorry it took me 3 months to finish the game though)

Glad you liked it! ^^

Game is still in progress!

Support us on Patreon and get early accesses!

Thank you for playing! Please enjoy! ~

I'll make an announcement in a few months.

There is an unofficial Android version.

I let you find it.

It is not planned, for many reasons.
I would need to adapt too many things and for this free game I don't think this is a good option for me at the moment.
I will think about it for my next games on the other hand~

I won't call it animations, but it's not totally fixed either

Yes it is

I'm saying it again just in case you didn't  read it:

This game contains gory scenes.
You can avoid them though, if you don't want to see anything horrible,     don't stop her. Do not "refuse".

Anyway thank you for playing! Please enjoy!

Glad you liked it!  ^^

Hmm, it's weird. The game is made with Unity and the programming isn't perfect, but there shouldn't be any viruses in it.
Anyway the game is available in web version,  so you can play it without installing it ^^

Hope you will enjoy the game.

There is no virus though. Hope you liked the game if you played it!