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Added the long-awaited tutorial.

Level 1 is now a tutorial level, with no timer.

The first time a new type of switch comes up, there will be a graphic to the right showing which button to press to switch the switch in each direction.

Thanks for playing!

Chapter III has been released! You can now enjoy fiddling with beams, mirrors, and more!

Press Z.

Chapter II has been released! Please enjoy fiddling with wires, flow detectors, pistons, and more!

Combat is currently entirely automatic. I might add interactivity in a later version, though.

As to the flickering, that's because the display is updated automatically by Mini Micro, even if I'm not done drawing to it yet, and haven't used yield.

Also, I use a sprite display for the actual ant images, but the overlay (with the bars and number) is done to a pixel display.

I am excited to announce the release of The 32 Random Rooms of Radioactive Doom!

This is a large update, adding 16 more rooms, 2P support and much more!

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Hi, I'd just like to announce that The 32 Random Rooms, etc. is (are?) currently in progress. Coming (relatively) Soon!

Also, we've been getting reviews that report problems with specific rooms. These aren't very helpful, because the rooms are shuffled upon death. If possible, when giving advice about a particular room, please describe the room.

As to the fleshing it out, The Chef That Couldn't Cook II is coming soon!

As everyone who posts, and probably everyone else too, is having trouble with the french toast recipe, I'll put it at the bottom of this comment.

First, though, I'd like to say that The Chef That Couldn't Cook II is currently in development, which will add a few new things to the game, such as chocolate milk, brownies, and a more intuitive recipe for french toast! Also, some of the existing recipes will be changed, normally so that they make more sense. The difficulty system will also be improved.

And now, as promised, here is the current recipe for french toast:

  1. Cook dough into bread
  2. Cook an egg into a fried egg
  3. Combine the bread and the fried egg into an egg sandwich
  4. Combine the egg sandwich and sugar into french toast

This is a cool game. The graphics and sound are excellent. I'd like some audio feedback when I complete a recipe/order. My best score was 7 served.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback. I will fix the volume on jump. The spikes pit is intentional, you are supposed to feel doomed right there.

Pretty good demo. I feel like the Ninja's movement physics is too light and airy, and there isn't enough to do yet.

Love it, dank graphics and gameplay

Don't care for the bad language. Kids make games too, y'know.